Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Every days a school day

It seems like every day Harrison learns something new! Yesterday he put his foot in his mouth for the first time, i took a video of it but it came out too dark so you will have to wait till he does it again, which i am sure wont be long!

He is also siting really well with very little support, i cant wait till he can sit all by himself. He is grabbing and reaching out to things now too, and tries to put anything he can in his mouth.

Here is a photo of him sitting on my lap.

And another of him with his BFF. This is a 6-9 month outfit he is now wearing!

Monday, September 29, 2008

The first of many!

Hi! This is my first blog post, so I feel like I want to write about everything and I am having to control myself!

Harrison just started sucking his thumb, it looks so cute, I don't mind as long as he gives it up before puberty! Here's a couple of photos....

It keeps him asleep all night long so Matt and I no longer have to do "Binky Runs" when his (Dummy) falls out! We like that!

I am not sure whats up but he is having some problems getting himself to sleep during the day right now. I am thinking maybe its the cold he has had, or maybe he's teething? He drools a lot and is always biting on his fists. I have no idea if that's normal? He is sleeping in his swing right now, i hope thats not a slippery slope! He normally naps so easily, i just lay him down and he wakes up 3 hours later! Well today he woke up twice after 30 minutes and i couldn't get him back down, so i resulted to the swing. he has been asleep for almost 3 hours now so maybe he was overtired? Parenting is a big guessing game!

Today is Guinness' 2nd Birthday! Happy Birthday to our first baby! As his birthday treat we took him to the new dog park that opened here in Dublin. He loved it. He is so shy though, and has a hard time socialising with the other dogs. He reminds me of the kid in the school playground who has no friends. After dark all the other dogs had left and that's when he started to run around and have fun!

Harrison has gone up another dress size lol. Today he is wearing a 6-9 month outfit. He still fits some smaller sizes, i just depends on the brand and if there's feet in it! He is getting such a big boy.

Ok, so thats it for today, keep coming back for more.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

The last 3 months.

As Harrison is already 3 months old I will begin this Blog with a recap of some of the milestones already accomplished. Please keep coming back for more milestones, both exciting and mundane!

Born~ Monday June 16th 08 1.47pm

Stats~ 6lb 14oz 20.5 inches long

Looks~ Just like Daddy but with lots of dark brown hair like Mummy and also Mummy's nose! Long and skinny with beautiful blue eyes.

Changes~ His hair has grown like crazy as you can see, and every time we wash it it get lighter and more red.
Harrison continues to get longer!

August 28th 2008~ Held his own foot for the first time.

September 3rd 2008~ Rolled from Tummy to Back for the first time, has yet to do it again!

September 8th 2008~ At exactly 12 weeks of age Harrison moved from his bassinet to his crib in his own nursery.

September 8th 2008! Its probably no coincidence that Harrison slept through the whole night for the first time, 10 whole hours in a row! Its a shame the same can' be said for me...

September 13th 2008~ Held and shook a rattle for the first time.

September 16th 2008~ Said "da" but has not repeated it, i think it was a fluke!

September 18th 2008~ Gets his first cold :-(

September 25th 2008~ Starts to giggle lots and lots!

October 26th~ Eats his own feet for the first time.

October 26th~ First solids at 4 1/2 months! Rice cereal, less than 1tsp with breastmilk.

October 27th~ First Library story time.