Friday, January 28, 2011

New heights.

I went to do laundry and came back to this. He can also get onto the train table. Harrison was a big climber and he didn't figure these two out till he was much MUCH older!

Im not complaining.

It's the best excuse to do nothing :)

A message from Auntie Jules.

Harrison loves to watch YouTube. He also loves his Auntie Julie!
So Auntie Julie made Harrison a video, which he loved.
He often talks about his favorite Auntie, just this morning we were reading a book, in the book was a picture of a train station and many people and trains. "Its Auntie Julie!" He said, "shes getting her ticket for the train!"
Enjoy :)

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Snow Day!

While Daddy Matt was away in warm San Fransisco we enjoyed a snow day!
Harrison is a fun age for the snow right now.
Grammy and Pooh-Bah were here to help me dig out too!

sick house.

As I write this I can hear little Allister in his room coughing while he is asleep.
Yesterday he vomited while napping in the morning, and fell asleep back in it.
He is back on his inhaler, as needed.
This house has had nothing but colds and coughs since before Christmas, with the MDO and the gym daycare, I guess its to be expected, and if anything good can come from it, its the fact that the boys must be getting great immunity for the future!
On my birthday weekend we were due to go to Cincinnati on Friday after Harrison finished school. We got a call at 10:30am to come pick him up as he wasn't feeling well. In fact he cried and clung to me that morning for the first time ever.
So he had a slight fever, but otherwise seemed fine. We packed up the car and headed (via some shoe shopping!) to Cinci.
20 minutes in, he threw up. Spectacularly!
Anyone who has ever cleaned up vomit from a car seat knows that its hard.
Its especially hard to not get it all over yourself.
So, we got Harrison out of the car, stripped him down, changed his clothes, and wiped down the car seat as best we could.
And we drove home, he spent the next 3 days on the couch with a 102F fever, and a bad cold.
I spent the weekend cleaning the car seat and unpacking!

I am hoping that we are done with the illnesses before long, I think we are on our 3rd and 4th since December. Apparently 2 years olds get 8 a year on average, I guess we are getting all our 8 in one spurt and we will be cold free for the rest of the year!

My little superhero :)

Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Harrison loves his snow boots.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

A visit from Auntie Jules

Once again these photos are all out of order due to Bloggers abysmal editing options!

So, as you guys know, Auntie Jules cam to visit all the way from England! Here's what we got up to in a completely random order....

Julies took some cute photos of Allister ...

Went to see Santa with us!

Played at the Mall with us, and shopped lots too :)


Helped us open gifts from Santa!

Made the boys smile :)


Went to the zoo!

We saw Columbus’s version of The Bellagio, WILDLIGHTS

Snuggled and took some cute photos.

All in all we had a fab time, and we miss Auntie Jules!

Pizza is the BEST!

Monday, January 24, 2011

My turn...,

To snuggle with Allister. He's just not napping any other way. :)

Teen in the mirror.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Poor boy :(

I think Allister must be teething again, he screamed till he was blue (or should that be read?) in the face because I wasn't home to put him to bed. Then fell asleep on Daddy's lap. He's been very clingy for his mummy and not napping well at all the last few days. At least he's still sleeping ok at night, although he's been waking up early. I think he's also got yet another cold, although this one doesn't seem to bad other than a sniffle. Let's hope all is well again soon!

Saturday, January 22, 2011


From Toddler to Boy

Every time I glance at Harrison he seems to grow, in size and maturity. He has turned from Toddler to boy, and its amazing to watch the transformation.
He is speaking in paragraphs, and we have full length conversations.
He will tell you all about his day, his wants and needs.
He has a very strong will and is testing the boundaries right now, but not with tantrums, with negotiation and demands! Kind of like a hostage situation :)
He is already in 4T everything, and now a size 11 shoe. He will be in big boy shoes soon!
He dreams and day dreams, there is often an elephant of two in his room, and sometimes you'll see him day dreaming and grinning from ear to ear and mumbling and chuckling to himself!
He can navigate an iPhone and YouTube like a teen.
He doesn't much like the dark anymore, and now his imagination has gone wild, he gets scared so much more easily! He wont enter the bathroom or the playroom without the light on.
He goes for rides in his "Thomas Train". We go to the zoo and the beach, and he will tell you all about the animals he sees, and some made up ones too! Things are often called "Scary!"
His potty training took a back step when he broke his collar bone, and he started having a few more accidents. But we stuck with it, and now he isn't having them. I guess its to be expected when you train early, but I am glad I did it then, because now Allister is on the move, and into everything its hard to spend any time in the loo with Harrison, because Allister wants to get into the toilet, sink, loo roll, you name it! It would be pretty much impossible to have a potty around the house now.
He loves school, and the Gym day care. He wants to go all the time so he can play with other kids. He will love when Allister is a little older and they can play more easily together.
The other day he asked if Santa could come again, and I asked what he wanted, he said "Boys and Girls!" So cute.
His memory is scary and awesome! You can't make promises and not follow through any more, he remembers everything!
He is a loving, fun, and cheeky two-and-a -half year old, and we love him more than we could ever have imagined.

Friday, January 21, 2011

This is.....

Mummy, Daddy and Auntie Julie.
According to Harrison.

First Kiss.

Yesterday Allister gave me my first kiss.
It was a big open mouthed slobbery one, typical of a 10 month old!
you'll never forget that first kiss with your baby, you kiss them 100 times a day, and then one day they turn round and kiss you back, it melts your heart :)

He also said Hat! That was one of Harrison's first words, but he hasn't repeated it yet, so we will see.


My boys have a thing about cups......
Harrison has, up until very very recently, always been fascinated with cups, straws, whatever your drinking and everything drink related. He was drinking from a cup at an early age, and a straw and everything too. Harrison would have tantrums in many a restaurant because he was playing with his cup, spilling, blowing, demanding your beer, whatever. He even got hurt running away with a cup, remember when he split his head open?

So it looks like Allister may follow suit. See this video below? Well as you'll see from the beginning Allister was crying and making a big deal because he wanted something, it turned out to be the cup that Harrison was using, so I gave him a cup, and this is the result...........

I cant believe he picked it up right away, it has to be instinctive i guess!
Allister will also steal his brothers sippy cup with a straw and drink form it at every possible opportunity.
As you can imagine that doesn't go down so well with a certain little two year old!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Allister turns 10 months.

I know it was a while ago, but Allister turned 10 months old on January 9th.
At our last doctors visit he was 23 1/2lb.
He is into everything, so much so he may as well be walking! His favorite things to get into right now are...
The dog bowls, both food and water. Harrison was the same at this age, turn your back for one second and splash splash splash.
The fireplace- He can actually climb up onto the fireplace hearth (?) which is over a foot tall and then gets stuck as he hasn't figured out how to get down, ill post a video! The thing is Harrison was a big climber, but even he hadn't figured that one out!
Everything in the kitchen.
The computer.
Harrison's things!
The remote control.
Any iPhone.
The TV, DVD, satellite.

Allister's Justin Bieber look.


Those eyes are turning all sorts of colours right now!

He's a real charmer and is happy 99% of the time.

Although he has reached that frustrating age where HE knows what he wants, and gets very frustrated when he cant get it, or you wont give it to him!
Then he pulls this face :(

but at least after MANY MANY sleepless nights, he finally got his top two teeth, and now sleeps like a dream! Yay! And by that I mean from bedtime till 5:30 or 6:30.
See them here...

He can stand alone for a while now, and looks so proud of himself.
He still wont walk, even though I think he could. He may have taken one step the other day, but it was hard to tell, so it doesn't count!
He can clap, do hi-five, do "Touch Down" and put his hands in the air.
He signs "more", sometimes.
He HATES to eat anything that's considered baby food, if you have it, he wants it and will scream until he has it.
He will blow- Yeah I know! I know 3 year olds who cant blow out their candles, and this little guy will blow right back at ya. He can even whistle sometimes!
If you tap his tummy he will copy you and do it too.
He says, Mama, Dada and No. Auntie Jules did a good job of teaching him no, and a big old head shake too! Great :)
I think he said Woof Woof the other day too.
I think he is teething again, he is waking up from naps crying.
He recently got a nasty bout of Bronchiolitis :(
He had to have a breathing treatment and an inhaler, thankfully Grammy and Pooh-Bah were able to come help out while Daddy was away!
He is wearing all 18 moths cloths now, some are a little roomy still.
I think that's all?

He really is a charmer, we heart him :)