Saturday, January 15, 2011

Christmas day!

So, here is a long bunch of photos from Christmas day.
due to the stupid way Blogger uploads photos, they are in no kind of order at all! So we will jump back and forth during the day....
Christmas day was just us, Auntie Jules, Uncle Greg and Grammy and Pooh-bah which was so nice! Small, it made cooking easy and everything fun fun fun!
The boys woke us all up at 5am, and we all had colds, but other than that it was am awesome day!
Here is Harrison at Christmas dinner in his Party Cracker Hat.

Allister amongst the tons of toys.

Our Christmas feast.........part 1.

...and 2!

Let me just say the Turkey was so so awesome, and the roast potatoes too, I wish we could eat this every day!
The boys and their toys.

Auntie Julie the model.

The Claaaaaaaw!

Allister enjoying his Christmas dinner.

Opening the toys from Santa in the morning!
Next year I will get Santa to leave everything set up to save time and patience.

A gift from Grammy and Pooh-bah.

There was lots and LOTS to unwrap

Christmas Jammie's :)

He loved those cars!

More to unwrap...

Its a barn! Yay!

Allister stole his brothers Binky.

See the Roary socks?


Stickle Bricks!

We spent ages opening these Cars cars....

Still chewing that Binky!
He was getting his top teeth over Christmas.

The batter operated McQueen!
I have a video to post later some time.

Ickle Greg.

More Cars cars.

Big Santa Stockings!

What a fun Christmas day we had :)
Allister handled it like a pro, seeing as it was his first :)
It was awesome to be able to have family here, and the boys love ALL their gifts so much. In fact Harrison is happy to play pretty much all day long with everything!
There were a LOT of gifts, we opened gifts Christmas Eve Christmas day, boxing day, the day after and the day after that! And we still have a couple more to come......
Auntie Julie and I were in bed by 8pm.
Party poopers.

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