Saturday, January 15, 2011

Christmas Eve.

Ok, so here I am playing catch-up!
Lots of blogs to post and no time, we've all been sick on and off since before Christmas, and with Allister into everything (more on that some time later!) I don't seem to have much time to blog. My To-Do list and Blog post list seems endless!
Maybe Ill get the Christmas blog out by Easter?

Auntie Jules came for Christmas! She had a long and delayed flight here, due to lots of snow at Heathrow, but she finally made it a few days later than planned!

We spent Christmas eve at home preparing for Christmas day.
In the evening we opened gifts to each other, so that we would have more time on Christmas day with the boys gifts, and Santa gifts, and to spread out the opening a little!

Opening gifts-
Harrison got a Helicopter and Puzzle from us, and lots of Roary the Racing Car stuff from Auntie Jules!

Allister got a Mini-Workshop and books from Mummy and Daddy, and some clothes, books and Roary socks from Auntie Jules.

Go Roary Go!!!!!

Daddy and Harrison made cookies for Santa.

Auntie Jules and Mummy prepped for Christmas Day.

Look at her handy work!

Christmas day coming up next!

(Some time.....)

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