Friday, January 21, 2011


My boys have a thing about cups......
Harrison has, up until very very recently, always been fascinated with cups, straws, whatever your drinking and everything drink related. He was drinking from a cup at an early age, and a straw and everything too. Harrison would have tantrums in many a restaurant because he was playing with his cup, spilling, blowing, demanding your beer, whatever. He even got hurt running away with a cup, remember when he split his head open?

So it looks like Allister may follow suit. See this video below? Well as you'll see from the beginning Allister was crying and making a big deal because he wanted something, it turned out to be the cup that Harrison was using, so I gave him a cup, and this is the result...........

I cant believe he picked it up right away, it has to be instinctive i guess!
Allister will also steal his brothers sippy cup with a straw and drink form it at every possible opportunity.
As you can imagine that doesn't go down so well with a certain little two year old!

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