Friday, August 21, 2015

Its Back to school!

So I have had lots of people demanding "Bring back the blog!" So here it is.....

Back to School 2015!  
Allister is starting Kindergarten and Harrison is starting 2nd Grade! 
There is s a lot to catch up on after a loooong hiatus off blogging, but we won't worry about that for now.

Allister all ready to go! His first day at school! Day 1 is a minimum day (half day) He has lunch there on his other days, but still finishes a little early at 1:45. His teacher is Mrs Timmins.  Apparently she shouts. haha!

Harrison is all set for 2nd Grade! His best buddies are in the same class this year, much to his relief! 
He has room 18 with MrsK.

My BIG boys!

We are on our way!

I had a few things to get done at school, so I was around to spy on them later in the day!
Here is Allister on his second day, eating lunch for the first time at school.  He was doing just fine!

Today is Friday, and everyone has had a good week.  Allister gives Kindergarten 5 out of 10.  However he doesn't like Mrs.Timmins because she shouts.  Im sure they'll grow to love each other lol

 Harrison has not said much about 2nd grade, but he seems to be doing just fine! Tommy is is best friend and they make a good pair :)