Friday, August 31, 2012


On Tuesday Harrison will start Pre-school. Like proper Pre-school.

Not just a moms day out program.

He's will be attending Bailey Elementary in Dublin as a peer. What that means is around 50% off the class will have special needs, and the other kids are peer models. Or average ability kids.

He will go mon-fri 8:45-11:30.

Harrison's class will have 9 children aged 3-5. All the peers are 4, the majority of the class is 4/5.

The class has 4 children with learning delays, all are on the autistic spectrum, varying in degree of delay.

Harrison's teacher will be Miss Kellie and her assistant Miss Debbie. They also have a 3rd teacher who will work between 2 classrooms. There is a speech therapist also who works with all the children each day.

It's is a GREAT program. For both average kids and special needs. The kids with special needs learn to model some of their behaviors from the average kids, and the average ability kids get excellent teaching in a small group. They learn empathy,how to be patient with people who are not the same as them and how to help others and be caring. Along with the regular things a Pre-schooler will learn like days of the week and his alphabet of course!

Harrison is so excited to be starting Tuesday! Even more so because his friend Isra just so happens to be in the same class.

The lady at the back of the class in the stripy skirt is Miss Kellie. She seems wonderful and has recently transferred to this school from a school that specialized in teaching kids with Autism.

Harrison's sat next to one of his new friends, on one of the 3 brand new Mac computers the class room has.


Harrison testing out the playground that will be shared with his class and one other.

We have a curriculum night next week where we hope to find out a lot more about his new school!

In the mean time, wish Harrison luck for his first day on Tuesday.

And wish me luck trying to get everyone out of the door for 8:20am.



Friday, August 17, 2012

Messy Fun.

Finger paints on the porch.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

A fun outdoorsy weekend.

It's been like autumn this last week!
So wonderful!
It's been a long hot summer, so it's been good to get out and enjoy a light breezy day.
After a nice long run this morning we headed to the zoo.
Along with all of Ohio. We got to the parking lot, did a u-turn and chose the park instead! The lot was full, they were parking on the grass. Naaaah no thanks!
After a couple of ours at the park and playing Duck Duck Goose, we went into downtown Dublin and walked to the waterfall and along the river.
It was beautiful. We never used to be able to do a lot of these things, with Little Allister needing a stroller, or to be carried because of his legs getting tired.
This was the view.
Throwing rocks.
Of course.
Guess what these boys are sitting on?
Who knew Dublin Ohio had its only Blarney Stone?

Needless to say the boys are sleeping well.