Sunday, November 10, 2013


Harrison is really getting into crafts and drawing since starting Kindergarten. Its a fun time :O)
We've been drawing, making paper chain people, painting and making bead jewelry.
Here is a recent picture, Harrison still likes to draw tadpole people, the large personality shown here is a boy in Harrisons class. We have been having a few problems with this particular boy, so he will remain nameless, but he is having a hard time making the right choices.
I thought this picture was very telling showing how large a life this kid is, and his huge hands ands arms outstretched, thee little faceless figure to the right is Harrison.
Harrison wanted to make Bella in his class a necklace.
Allister decided to join the fun.
This is the necklace he gave to Bella.
Here are a lot of the kids in Harrisons class at Justin's birthday party.
The boys are really into games right now, its a lot of fun!
We play sorry, Stay Alive, and lots more.
Harrison is doing a great job with learning to read.
Last night he read us a story at bed time!
Im so proud of him :O)

Allister is all into Toy Story right now!


Hallloween 2013

It was a cold and rainy Halloween this year, but we still had fun, and the boys scored lots of candy!
We carved our pumpkins in the afternoon, Harrison was old enough to do a lot of the work himself this year.
They both drew their Jack-o-lantern faces in paper and I carved them out.
Allister's had a big smiiley face and wobbly eyes.
Harrioson's had a zig zag mouth and triangle features!
this year we planned on being teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, so of course Harrison was a last minute Cowboy!
We managed to rustle up a last minute costume from his closet.
They looked adorable of course :O)
We are still eating the cand a few weeks later.....
After Halloween we went to Target and scored some half price costumes, Captain America and Wolverine!

And then I found some real Cowboy and Woody costumes at the consignment store!

My boys love to play dress up!


More Fall Fun

Harrison had his class party this year, it was so much fun.
Here are all his friends busy eating their yummy treats.
They did a pumpkin craft, skeleton craft, and some fun games.
they also got to parade through the class rooms.
Harrison decided to be Link from Zelda, although everyone thought he was Robin Hood.
I didn't get to attend Allister's small party, but I made goodie bags and scary donuts for a treat.
I think they turned out pretty fun!
We also got to enjoy Spooktacular, which is our local Dublin city halloween party.
Our friends Tori and Colby joined us, it was very cold and rainy/sleety!
We enjoyed snakes, spiders and lizzards.


Its been a fun fall!


Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Saturday, August 31, 2013

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Allister is all ready for Pre-School

We went to visit Allister's pre-school yesterday, and meet his teacher.

He is in the Peer program just like Harrison, where the classes are run for children with special needs, he will be a peer model. Its a great program here in Dublin and we love it! It encourages nurturing, caring and acceptance.

Here he is outside the school, Wyandot, this is a different school that Harrison was in, we have 4 Elementary schools within about 3 miles of our house because there are so many families here in Dublin.

Allster demanded I take his picture because thats what I did outside Harrison's school :)

Playing with Little People Circus

And of course the soft toys :)

He had a dog called Harrison and Allister.

Making Pizza.

He will start Wednesday going 4 mornings a week.

This means I will have almost 2 hours, 4 mornings a week, child-free.

Ill miss my little guys but Im looking forward to having a little more free time to myself.

Allister played with the Doll House here for a while, and all of his people where fighting, jumping and crashing. It was rather embarrassing seeing this little 3 year old playing so rough! His teacher asked "Does he have an older brother!?" haha can you tell?

His Teacher is Miss Marybeth, and she seems really nice! Im sure Allister will have a lot of fun.