Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Friday, December 17, 2010

Cough Cough Puke.

Yeah- Sorry.
But that was Harrison last night! He coughed so much he threw up, poor boy.
It brings back memories from my childhood!
He has a cough which he has had for around 7 weeks, sometimes it seems a lot better, then like last night, its bad again. Yesterday we visited the doctor and she mentioned he could have mild asthma, or CVA (Cough Variant Asthma).
His coughs linger, and this isn't the first time he has been sick with coughing.
So for now we watch and wait. The doctor said his lungs sound fine, no congestion, wheezing or anything, and no infection. She also said it can be normal to have a cough for months at a time, that one I'm not sure I trust her on!
If he continues to cough like this, I shall go back and see my actual doctor this time, because coughing all night and throwing up I do not consider normal!
Also because I had Childhood Asthma (Or more likely CVA when I think back) it is much more likely the boys will have this too.
Click on the link to read more about CVA.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Happy Half Birthday!

Harrison is 2 and a half today!
He is such a different boy to just 6 months ago.
He talks so fluently, its awesome. We can have whole conversations with him, i love that.
He loves to sing, all the time! Themes tunes, songs he's heard on the radio or us playing. He picks them up so well and learns the words quickly!
He loves to make Allister laugh.
He is into his trains again, he will spend ages making train track paths, and gets so frustrated when Allister comes and crawls all over them.
He Isn't as into TV or movies right now, he prefers to play.
He loves to play make-believe. Harrison will crawl around on the floor, roar and say he is a lion! Or will cook you "Pizza" in his kitchen.
He has turned into the typical fussy eater two year old, preferring pizza and grilled cheese to pretty much everything. Veggies are not top of his list of favorite things to eat.
He is in 4T everything except trousers, but is just about to move out of those too.
He is getting to be a good helper and will help set the table, or clear his place.
He is funny, cute and adorable! We have less tantrums and more fun times.
He loves to talk on the phone, but doesn't say much!
He knows all his ABC's, although he says X twice instead of S.
He can count up to the teens, and then gets lost.
He recognizes most of his letters, numbers, shapes and colors.
He knows that Christmas is Baby Jesus birthday and will sing Happy Birthday Jesus while on the toilet ;O)
He loves to make things with blocks, puzzles and such.
He will almost always use a spoon or fork, and gets frustrated when he cant get the food to stick.

He will finally sit still for a photo opportunity and say Cheese!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Christmas Party.

It was the Cardinal Health Christmas party at the weekend. We took the boys to see Santa.
Harrison cried and DID NOT WANT TO sit on Santa's lap! It was kind of cute and funny.
Bless him.
Allister did ok, I assume we will get the option to get photos soon.
We will pay another trip to Santa at the Zoo, so I hope we get a good photo opportunity there!
We had the boys all dressed up and looking cute too, never mind.

We had a fun time at the party. We got there a little too late to enjoy all the festivities.
They had a Pancake Breakfast.
The man who cooked the pancakes would toss them to you, and you had to catch them on your plate.
Harrison was so excited he did the Harrison Shiver. He shook from head to foot.
Santa should have had pancakes.

Monday, December 13, 2010


Allister is such a good baby, and such a bad teether!
Oh My!
He is getting all his top teeth right now, its hard to take a picture, but you can just see one little white tip breaking through.
He has barely napped.
Or slept.

Last night I went to bed at 9pm so I could catch up on some sleep, as soon as my head hit the pillow, wahaaahhhh he was awake and crying.
Fast forward 11:45pm I am back in bed.
He then wakes up almost every 2 hours during the night, crying.
I am hoping that all these teeth will come at once and we can all return to sleeping.

Meet Harry.

This is Harry.

Every year Harry appears around Thanksgiving and watches Harrison and Allister.
Every night while the boys sleep, he returns to the North Pole and reports back to Santa on how good or bad the boys have been. Every morning he reappears, in a different spot, somewhere up high. You never know where he may appear!

You can not touch Harry or his magic may disappear.
Sometimes Harry may write you a letter, but he is not allowed to speak to you.

As is the tradition, you name your own Elf. We asked Harrison what our Elf's name is, he said Harrison. So we decided on Harry, two Harrison's may be a bit confusing!

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Allister's play date.

Allister had his first play date just for him this week.
He met 6 month old Max, son of my friend Carrie.
Isn't he a cutie! I think they're going to be good friends.

Whats Cooking?

Harrison is starting to have fun entertaining Allister.
Its so fun to watch the brothers play, this is what having siblings is all about, sharing and playing together.

So cute.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

See! He's a climber.

Into everything.

9 Months old.

Allister is already 9 months old.
He's into EVERYTHING! I forgot how much work this age is, but it's also so much fun. Allister's personality is beginning to shine, he is the joker of the family :D
Allister .....
Is just moving into 18 months clothing.
Is getting his top teeth, much to everyone's annoyance.
Wants to climb up everything, i didn't think I would say this, but he seems even more of a climber than Harrison was!
Will be walking soon, I think. He just lets go and tries to walk, with a look of bewilderment on his face, like, why I cant I do that?
Eats like a champ, but doesn't sleep like one.
Says Mama, Dada, Lala. Baba, Yaya.
Has the easiest going, funniest personality, and will smile and laugh even when he is down :)
Brightens our day, each and every minute of it.
Is starting to have a lot of fun with his big brother! Its so fun to watch them together.


Look, No Hands!

My cheesy grin.

Those big (still!) blue eyes.

Cheeky cheeks.

He will be a toddler before we know it!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Hi-five and wave! And plenty of giggles :)

Harrison's Message from Santa.

Here is Harrison watching his message from Santa.

(Don't forget if you receive this blog via email, you need to click through to the blog to watch.)

Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Allister has been on the move a while now, he started crawling in the chest up position back at the end of November, but was "army" crawling for while.

Well, he decided he like to move I think. In a matter of just over a week, her went from crawl, to stand, to cruise on the furniture.

This video in only over about 10 days, he's getting brave! He will let go and try and walk, he cant figure out why its not possible yet.

Allister's well check.

Today we went for Allister's 9 moth wellness check.

His stats are..

Weight: 22lb4oz (80th percentile)
Height: 30 inches (Greater than 97th percentile)
Head 46.5cm (80th percentile)

So he's still a big boy, he's a fraction taller than Harrison was at this age, and a fair bit heavier!
He's doing everything he should be, and had 1 shot.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Make believe.

Harrison is starting to do a lot of make believe play. It's such a fun stage.
This just happened...

Harrison gets his toy story frisby, and placed his fire truck toy on top. He hands it to me, starts singing me Happy Birthday Mummy. Then tells me to eat the cake, and proceeds to look for candles.
After a few rounds of Happy Birthday to everyone, he places the truck in a diaper bag. Says bye bye I'm going to work!
What he thinks Daddy Matt does at work I have no idea, but it sounds like more fun than it actually is :)


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Friday, December 3, 2010

Santa's Message.

Santa sent a special message to Harrison & Allister this year.

To take a look click Here & Here.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Quidich anyone?

Cool dude.

Its our anniversary.....

Matt and I got married 4 years ago today.
I have never been so happy.
I love you Matt Blake!
Heres to the next 60 years or so......

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Harrison's song.

Harrison has officially written his first song.
I'm not sure it will be a No:1 hit, but we like it!

We have been watching the film Madagascar, its about NY zoo animals who return to Africa. They like to dance. At the end of the film they sing "I like to move it move it" which Harrison and I sing and dance to. Its an old 90's track, I remember dancing to it on nights out ;)

Heres a video from YouTube so you know what I mean.....

So anyway, Harrison and I were singing I like to Move it, and Harrison made up his own lyrics....
wait for it, they're pretty good.

"I like to mummy mummy, I like to mummy mummy, I like to mummy mummy,
I like to MUMMY!"

Great eh?

Monday, November 29, 2010

The things they say.....

I was taking Harrison potty yesterday when the following conversation happened.

Harrison "Stinky poopers on face!"
Me "no, there's no poopers on your face!"
Harrison "Yes, stinky poopers on face mummy!"
I wipe his face with a wet wipe.
"There is that better?"
Harrison "N0, on mummy's face!"
Me "Oh, no there's no poopers on mummy's face."
Harrison "I wipe it."
Me "OK"
I hand him a wipe......
Harrison proceeds to wipe all the little moles on my face, each one individually!
I laugh, so cute.
"That's not poopers honey, its freckles."
Harrison "No, its cookies on mummy's face!"

Sleep- Or lack of.

The boys have been waking up super early of late. Harrison, until yesterday, was getting up at 5am, or even earlier!
All the boys have had colds for a few weeks now, and Harrison has had a bad cough, which is only just improving. I think thats why he's not been sleeping great. So with Allister teething and waking up around 3am, or like last night, 1am, 2am, 3am, 5am I am pretty tired!
At least Harrison seems to be back to normal and getting up around 6:30 or later again, I am thankful for that! Once Allister's top teeth come through (they are RIGHT there!) I am hoping to get some sleep again, I am not a very good tired person. I have zero patience, and am a complete grumpy bum.
You really do forget how little sleep you get that first year. I don't mind the early wake-up call if only I can get some rest during the night! When Harrison was teething I could catch up later in the day, so if he was up all night I would nap when he had his morning nap. But with Harrison around its impossible, and I have (or feel like I have) so much to do I resist napping in the afternoon, its the only time I have a kidless hour or so. Add to that the fact that Matt is working all hours, we are all pretty tired in this house right now!
At least theres an end in sight.......Matts work shcdeule will calm down after the middle of next week, and those teeth better be here soon or I will go crazy!

Friday, November 26, 2010

Thanksgiving 2010.

We spent this Thanksgiving at home as a family.

Daddy Matt has to work over this holiday because he is really busy in his new job, so the decision to stay home meant no travelling and more rest since Daddy has been working so hard.

Here we are after enjoying our fabulous meal!
Yes I cooked so I am biased ;o)

Uncle Jason joined us for our feast, Harrison enjoyed raving with him, and called him Uncle Greg most of the night!

Allister couldn't figure out the beard.

But also enjoyed a dance!
Happy first Thanksgiving Allister!

Almost a great photo, but my stupid camera is too slow I missed it. Oh well, Christmas is coming!

I did turkey, it turned out perfect! Juicy and yummy, and I am now making a yummy turkey soup with the left overs!
It smells good mmmmmmmm

We had banofee pie instead of a traditional thanksgiving desert.
I had to throw a bit of Sussex in didn't I!

And cupcakes too, which I am yet to try, we are saving them for Grammy and Pooh-bah!
Although Harrison ate two, well he licked the icing off two and didn't touch his dinner.
Remind to not display the dessert before the meal next time.

There's too many things I am thankful for to list.
I complain sometimes, but I live a life many people would dream of.
Including myself 20 some years ago.
Two beautiful healthy kids, a wonderful hardworking and loving husband, a nice roof over our heads. We want for nothing, and that's what I am thankful for.
Happy Thanksgiving!


Harrison has been talking on the "phone" a lot lately.....

His side of the conversation today went like this.....

Its cold outside.
Tickle Harrison's tummy.
Its Harrison!
Oh, byeeee,"

So cute.

Sleep training

I am very lucky to have good sleepers.
Sleep training in this house entails....

1: Not nursing them to sleep during the day.
2: Making sure they go to nap in their own crib.
3: Putting them down way BEFORE they are tired.
4: trying to keep them on some sort of schedule until they get the hang of it.

That's it! No crying it out required, i find a crib mirror and some sort of toy helps for distraction at this age. And I let them fuss and whine a bit when I first leave. But I never had to let my babies cry, for which I am very thankful! I'm not sure I can do it. I did it a little with Harrison, just a handful of times when I was at the end of my tether and he needed to sleep. Looking back he was probably teething or something at the time, but it happened rarely.
Allister goes to sleep all by himself and he is happy as a lamb. He is sleeping through till around 5am and then goes back to sleep till 6:30 or 7 ish. I think that 5am feed will be hard to drop when we wean, Harrison always slept till 6:30 from 3 months, so we didn't have that issue!
yay for sleeping babies!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The only way is up!

So I mentioned yesterday that Allister will be pulling up soon, well I spoke too soon! Or at the right time- whatever.
Last night I hear Allister crying, he's been a little fussy at night on and off the last couple of days, I think he is getting his top teeth. I go in his room, and there he is peeking over the top of his crib side! He is on his knees, not standing all the way, which I am thankful for as I hadn't lowered the crib just yet!
So guess what I was doing at 5:30 am this morning when he did it again!

Here is a cut little video of Allister trying to pull up on the fireplace, he CAN get all the way up, but needs a little help as he is still wobbly.

He'll be cruising round the furniture soon and the easy baby days will be over, toddler days here we come!
I LOVE the toddler days :)

Harrison at the beach

A fun little video from our vacation :)

Monday, November 22, 2010

He crawls :)

Allister has been crawling a month or so now, but the army type crawl. But he is finally crawling chest up more and more.

He is a move for sure! He hates to be in his stationary exerciser now, he will try and pull himself out and over the side!
He also is trying to pull up to stand, it will be any day now, he gets to his knees, and reaches up to everything, this little guy will be standing before we know it!

The noise in the background is Harrison banging and singing his ABC's when its supposed to be nap time :)

My little helper!

Harrison has reached that age where he wants to help all the time.
Hes actually a pretty good helper!
He loves to help with laundry, it takes a lot longer with a 2 year old, but at least he is happy, and you never know, maybe one day soon he will be able to do it all by himself and save me a job! I'm sure by the time he's actually any good though, the appeal will have worn off ;O)
I hand him the laundry and he will put it in the washing machine, he will then unload the washing machine and put it in the dryer! He will press all the buttons to turn on the machines too. I started letting him do the buttons because they were just too exciting to go in and press when they didn't need to be pressed, so this is a win win, and the excitement of all the buttons will lose its appeal I hope!

Harrison will also help set and clear the table, he will help carry in the (small and light) grocery bags and put things in the bin. Helping is a great way to help him feel useful and to keep him busy when chores need to be done. I love that chores are fun at this age! I hope it lasts, and I am so excited for the day he can push the Hoover around the house!

On another note, Harrison has become "THAT" toddler. Yes, the picky eater! He has never ever ever been a picky eater, but now that time has come. I thought he would bypass the phase, but now. He barely touches his dinner, and will leave his veggies for the yummier stuff on his plate most of the time. If the food doesn't look familiar and is new he is not interested! So we leave him be, and if we is hungry he will eat. It is hard not to make a big deal out of it, but I know that ignoring the issue is the best way for him to understand that whats on his plate is all that's coming, and you'll eat it if your hungry! He still has a healthy appetite for breakfast and lunch, so I try and give him more fruits and veggies then when I know he will eat them. And after dinner we will all have a yogurt so he has something in his tummy before bed.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

A different boy...

Harrison has really turned a corner recently. He's like a different boy, his speech and level of understanding have rocketed.
He says complete sentences now, and understands consequence and time more easily.
My baby boy will be 2 1/2 next month, and he is such an adorable angel!
He hasn't had a time out at school since that first few weeks, they even said he is like a different boy. Don't get me wrong, we still have our moments, but he understands no means no, and if we say you'll get a time out, you will get a time out!
Harrison also loves to help out now, he will help do laundry and cook, hence the soup below!
We love you little "big" guy :)

Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Harrison and I made soup today!

Friday, November 12, 2010

Play room.

I did a little re-organizing of the play room to get ready for Christmas and all the extra presents that will need a new home!

And I finally made a home for all of Harrison's pre-school art work!

Cute eh :)

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

8 months!

This little guy is 8 months today :)
He is almost crawling, although he gets into everything just like he would if he was crawling anyhow. He army crawls, rolls, scoots and reaches! Time to baby proof again, you forget how wiggly an 8 month old is! He's is impossible to dress right now, he will not keep still for one second!

He is the most adorable, well behaved, and content baby ever.
But I may be biased :)

He is eating well, all finger food now, and chats all day long, yayayaya dadadaad bababab gagagaga its so cute.
Harrison and Allister are so cute together now too, Harrison loves to tickle and hug Allister, but Allister also takes Harrison's toys now too, which Harrison doesn't like!

Allister can almost sit himself up by scooting his bum back, and he can drink from his own cup. He still only has his two bottom teeth, but he loves to use them on mummy! Ouch!

Friday, November 5, 2010

Me and the little guy out having lunch:)

Soo sooo close.....

6 Years ago today........

...I met Matt in a VERY crowded bar, and there was fireworks!
Literary :)

Happy day-I-met-you anniversary to the man who makes me happy every day.

And Happy Guy Fawks night to everyone else.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Allister Milestones.

If you press enter this thing publisher before your ready!

So, Allister is making huge strides all of a sudden...

He's finally figured out the sippy cup, and he loves it!

He is also almost 100% on finger food now. On vacation I bought some store bought baby food, as I ran out of home made. He took about 1/2 a bite and was done! So I started giving him more finger food as I didn't have to make any more then while on holiday. Now the only "mush" he will eat is bananas and yogurt, he's lost his taste for it! Its SO much easier, the mushy baby food stage is hard, trying to find time to make, and feed a little one when our trying to feed yourself and a toddler is too time consuming. He is almost doing the pincer grasp too, wont be long before he has that down! I forgot how messy this phase was though!

Here is Allister just this morning working on crawling, it really will be any minute before he takes off! He rocks, and moves his legs, he just hasn't figured out his arms yet.

Allister is also saying more "words".

No Mama just yet, but we are working on it! Ill get a video soon, he's a chat a box too!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

More from our vacation....

A view of the Blue Ridge Mountains.

Hanging out by the pool.

Uncle Scott and Aunt Barb.

The beautiful Natalie.

Grammy and Allister.

Great Gram and Allister, I couldn't steal him away!

All of us after the beach at the Acme Cantina (?) - I think we ate here 4 or 5 times!

Aunt Leslie working her magic.

Aunt Barb.

Tired boy with the LONGEST eyelashes!

Me and my baby boy.

More of Great Gram and Allister!

More Natalie and Allister....