Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Christmas Party.

It was the Cardinal Health Christmas party at the weekend. We took the boys to see Santa.
Harrison cried and DID NOT WANT TO sit on Santa's lap! It was kind of cute and funny.
Bless him.
Allister did ok, I assume we will get the option to get photos soon.
We will pay another trip to Santa at the Zoo, so I hope we get a good photo opportunity there!
We had the boys all dressed up and looking cute too, never mind.

We had a fun time at the party. We got there a little too late to enjoy all the festivities.
They had a Pancake Breakfast.
The man who cooked the pancakes would toss them to you, and you had to catch them on your plate.
Harrison was so excited he did the Harrison Shiver. He shook from head to foot.
Santa should have had pancakes.

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