Thursday, December 16, 2010

Happy Half Birthday!

Harrison is 2 and a half today!
He is such a different boy to just 6 months ago.
He talks so fluently, its awesome. We can have whole conversations with him, i love that.
He loves to sing, all the time! Themes tunes, songs he's heard on the radio or us playing. He picks them up so well and learns the words quickly!
He loves to make Allister laugh.
He is into his trains again, he will spend ages making train track paths, and gets so frustrated when Allister comes and crawls all over them.
He Isn't as into TV or movies right now, he prefers to play.
He loves to play make-believe. Harrison will crawl around on the floor, roar and say he is a lion! Or will cook you "Pizza" in his kitchen.
He has turned into the typical fussy eater two year old, preferring pizza and grilled cheese to pretty much everything. Veggies are not top of his list of favorite things to eat.
He is in 4T everything except trousers, but is just about to move out of those too.
He is getting to be a good helper and will help set the table, or clear his place.
He is funny, cute and adorable! We have less tantrums and more fun times.
He loves to talk on the phone, but doesn't say much!
He knows all his ABC's, although he says X twice instead of S.
He can count up to the teens, and then gets lost.
He recognizes most of his letters, numbers, shapes and colors.
He knows that Christmas is Baby Jesus birthday and will sing Happy Birthday Jesus while on the toilet ;O)
He loves to make things with blocks, puzzles and such.
He will almost always use a spoon or fork, and gets frustrated when he cant get the food to stick.

He will finally sit still for a photo opportunity and say Cheese!

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