Thursday, September 20, 2012

Allister's first week at Moms Day Out.

Allister had an AWESOME first week at Moms Day Out. He loved every single second!
He was so ready for this :)
I didn't get very good photos, I used my iPhone, and he was being grumpy because he just wanted to leave.
But here he is ready to get out the door.

And being stroppy in the car.
Some art work, he was all excited to show me!

And one very tired boy!

The first day I dropped him off he didn't even say goodbye. No hug, kiss, nothing.

This boy just went and had fun! Same again today.

He been peeing on the potty, and having a blast!

Another update coming soon.


Monday, September 17, 2012

Anyone for Tea?

Harrison's got the kettle on.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Meet the teacher.

Allister got to meet his new teacher at Moms Day Out today.

He will go 2 morning a week.

His teachers are Miss Diana and Miss Christine.

Here he is with Miss Diana.

Playing in art with our neighbors little boy.

And the sand box digging for treasure in Science.

In Music we played with the parachute and balls. We banged drums too.


And his favorite the playground.

Allister is so ready for this fun program.

He has been dragged to MDO twice a week his whole life to watch his big brother go have fun, now it's his turn. My baby grew up!

I will also get some mummy time. Not much mind, I will drop Allister off at 9:30 and then pick Harrison up at 11:30. By the time I get in and out of the car and to and from school I recon I'll have around 3 hours a week.

I bet I'm spend my whole time cleaning.

He starts Tueday. We're all excited!

Monday, September 10, 2012

Random Fun.

We've been doing lots of fun things lately. The boys are awesome ages for everything now!

We got a Cosi (Columbus Ohio Science Institute, or kids museum :)
The boys love it, their favorite thing by far was the under water robot submarine, and the water feature.
Here are the boys playing with the robot.

And the water area.

Shall we get wet?

I'm glad we brought a change of clothes!

We also went bowling for the first time!
We learned 2 things.
1- The boys love to bowl.
2- Mummy and Daddy are BAD! And I don't mean Michael Jackson BAD, I mean bad.
The nerves!

And the boys are really into Legos now! Fun, messy, but fun :)

Harrison has been wanting to learn to ride his bike without stabilizer wheels.

So we dug out Matt's (Greg's?) old razor scooter for him to learn to balance on.

He's getting good, and the kids in the neighborhood love to play with our boys!

You can just see Allister in his McQueen car :)


Sunday, September 9, 2012

Another weekend, another race.

We're getting used to doing races every other weekend in this house!
This weekend Matt ran Strides For Hope.
A 5k with a great cause, supporting Ovarian Cancer.
He didn't manage to win this one, his friend Snuck up behind him at the last minute and beat him by 2 seconds. Second place and a 16:05 5k is not too shabby though right!?
Our support team was out in force!

Doing roll-polys down the hill.


Lining up at the start.
And there off!
Some goofy guys where up front trying to have fun, not sure Daddy Matt was amused.
Hay, it's me!
The boys hanging out.
They found THE biggest stick.

Here's daddy!

20 seconds off his PR.

Good job :)

Here's Uncle Jason.

Official Blake Photographer for the day.


Another race in 14 days!

And I'm training for my second Half Marathon!



Cuties :)