Wednesday, January 21, 2009

For those of you who read this blog by print....

...and cant see the videos (Gram and Mimi!)
here are some snap shots of Harrison learning to crawl.

Its Back!

For real this time, the Tooth that is!
I can really see it now, its poking through just the tiniest bit, a little white line (not a disappearing one this time!) and I can also feel it! Its feels like a little scratchyhard thing, of course :o)
So, any day now Harrison will have a real baby tooth! Just in time for Nana and Grandad, and all the California clan to see.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Harrison almost crawled this morning.

Fast forward to 1minute 30 seconds onwards if you don't want to watch the whole thing :-)

Monday, January 19, 2009

Scoot scoot scoot.

Harrison is really moving now! He can get from one end of the living room to the other, if he sees something he wants he goes for it.

It doesn't count as a proper "crawl" yet, but any day now!


Harrison, Mummy and Daddy spent a good part of the weekend dancing, he preferred Billy Jean, but this is the one we got on video.

See Matt I told you I would put you on the blog.

Harrison's new favorite pass time.

He does this all the time right now, its can be rather embarrassing and amusing at the same time!

Friday, January 16, 2009

7 Months!

Wow, 7 months! Happy 7th Month Birthday Harrison.

And happy 34th Birthday to me.


It wont be long now...

Yesterday Harrison brought himself up on his knees and rocked a few times! I didn't manage to catch it on camera, i will try today. I know this means it wont be long before he is crawling, I better go get those baby proofing items I have been meaning to purchase!

On a side note it was so cold this morning Matt did not run, yeah that's right, he DID NOT RUN! Its currently -24c/-11f and feels like -33c/-28f with the wind chill factor. It was even colder this morning when Matt would normally run. That's frostbite weather!
Roll on California.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Eye Spy a sleepy baby.

My new "job"

I can hardly call it a job.....
So, my neighbour Jean across the road has a new job, and she has to leave at 7.30. My job is to babysit 2 of her 3 kids from 7.30 and make sure they make it off to school on time. Sounds easy right? Well her daughter Jena, 12 (almost 13), is a real dawdler! I have yet to get her out of the door at the allotted 7.50am. Jake (10) however is dressed and ready to go at least 10 minutes before its time for him to leave at 8.50.
So, 2 or 3 mornings a week, i trundle in the snow and cold a whole 50 feet across the street to sit with Jena and Jake while they busy themselves with breakfast, and then i trundle home, bath Harrison and put him down for his nap.
It pays for a night out right!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009


I think we have it!

So, as many of you l know we have had a few sleep problems recently, due to a sick baby and our exciting Christmas. But I think we have it all figured out!
We have been using the opportunity of a messed up routine to get Harrison on a two nap schedule. He has been struggling to make it through the day, he rubs his eyes, gets overtired and grumpy, not like Harrison at all. We were pondering going back to 3 naps as I was lost on what to do.
Then it dawned on me......the last few days we have been putting Harrison down earlier to bed. We were loath to do this as Daddy doesn't get much time with Harrison, and this would cut into it even more. But Alas, Harrison wont sleep in any longer than 6.30-7am, so this was the only way to try and sneak in some more sleep!
Thankfully its working like a charm! He now gets fed at 6.30ish, and then bed time routine starts when Daddy gets home, so he is down by 7-7.15pm. He is still sleeping in till 6.30-7am, so he just gets an extra 30 minutes or so, which helps see him through the day. Since doing this his day time naps have got longer, proving the old adage if a baby sleeps well at night, he will nap well during the day, and sleep well at night etc etc!
So, there you have it. I am off to get Harrison up from his afternoon nap, 90 whole minutes! Yay!

Sleepy Baby = Happy Baby = Happy Mummy = Happy Daddy :-)

Friday, January 9, 2009


Guinness and Harrison play vegetable.
(Veg-Ta-Ble aka-Fetch-The-Ball)


I was trying to teach Harrison to say DaDa yesterday, and it worked quick~here's a little video of Harrison playing this morning. I am trying out the new YouTube download on my Flip camcorder, let me know if you prefer it!

Sorry about the grunting, Harrison needs some prunes right now ;-)

The case of the disappearing tooth.

So, Harrison's tooth vanished, poof!
I went to look yesterday to see if it had come further through and now I don't see anything, so I am starting to think I imagined it altogether lol.
There was definitely a line there, but now there's nothing. I wonder what happened?

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

I can see clearly now.

So I got glasses, wow I can see so much better! They are only mild prescription,but they make a big difference.I have astigmatism, like Julie and Gary. They help m seethings far off and close up.
I don't mind them, but I keep forgetting to wear them, we were in Cosi (The restaurant not the museum!) getting lunch the other day and I realized I could bearly read the menu, and no I didn't have my glasses

And if you think they are wonky (Crooked) they are, they bent the frames while inserting the lenses,so they are getting me some knew ones!

Teeth, Socks and Tummy.


I know lots and lots of posts today, i have some catching up to do.

So, Harrison is getting his first teeth. The bottom middle ones, which is normal. Here is a video of me trying to show you his knew teeth. Its just poking through now, so it wont belong before I can show you properly.
This explains recent sleep problems. Last night was the first night in a few weeks he has slept all night without waking.


Here is a cute video of Harrison playing with a sock.


This is me going to get Harrison from his nap.


It seems like Harrison turned 6 months and changed overnight! As soon as he learned to sit by himself he decided he was off! Since he turned 6 months these are some of the new things he does;

He sits and plays with his toys, and figures out how to put things in and take them out.

He rolls all over the place, crawls backwards and scoots everywhere. Its time to baby proof.

He bangs things, his hands, toys, whatever will make a noise.

Harrison also has found his words, gagagaga, googooogoo, yayayaya not much in the way of dada or mamama but i am sure they are on the way!

He splashes like crazy in the bath, he will sit and just splash splash splash, i think this ones deserves a video when Daddies home.

He sleeps on his tummy, after a week of rolling onto his tummy at night and having it wake him up. It was a new position he wasn't used to! Now he just rolls over and lays his head down,and almost every morning he is on his tummy playing with his peekaboo mirror.

He likes to stand more and more, with a little help from me!

He likes chunkier food. (Now he has his appetite back from his cold!)

I am sure there are more things that i cant think of right now!

A little video with my new Flip video.

I got a Flip video camera for Christmas. Its smaller than my iPhone, and lighter, so I can take video anywhere!this is great as Harrison seems to be doing so many new things all of a sudden,more on that later.

So here is a little video I took just after I opened my gift on Christmas morning,there will be more to come!

For those interested go here to see what a flip video camera is!

Happy New Year!

Welcome 2009!
I know I am a bit late :-)

Harrison,Matt and I had a night in with the Fisk family to see in the new year. We got Chinese, had Champagne and watched The Dark Night. The plan was to then play games,but the film was rather long, and Matt and I were rather tired as Harrison has been up in the night for the last few weeks,so we fell asleep! I think its the 3rd year in a row that I have been asleep before midnight. Next year we must go out, its the only way to keep me awake!