Saturday, August 31, 2013

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Allister is all ready for Pre-School

We went to visit Allister's pre-school yesterday, and meet his teacher.

He is in the Peer program just like Harrison, where the classes are run for children with special needs, he will be a peer model. Its a great program here in Dublin and we love it! It encourages nurturing, caring and acceptance.

Here he is outside the school, Wyandot, this is a different school that Harrison was in, we have 4 Elementary schools within about 3 miles of our house because there are so many families here in Dublin.

Allster demanded I take his picture because thats what I did outside Harrison's school :)

Playing with Little People Circus

And of course the soft toys :)

He had a dog called Harrison and Allister.

Making Pizza.

He will start Wednesday going 4 mornings a week.

This means I will have almost 2 hours, 4 mornings a week, child-free.

Ill miss my little guys but Im looking forward to having a little more free time to myself.

Allister played with the Doll House here for a while, and all of his people where fighting, jumping and crashing. It was rather embarrassing seeing this little 3 year old playing so rough! His teacher asked "Does he have an older brother!?" haha can you tell?

His Teacher is Miss Marybeth, and she seems really nice! Im sure Allister will have a lot of fun.


Monday, August 26, 2013


Harrison was not phased at all by his first day. He had fun and the only information i could get out of him was he made a friend called Tazer or Razer, he couldn't remember, and they read a book about first day at kindergarten.

And here was Harrison today walking to school. most days we will end up in the car as I have to drop Allister off at a different place first, but we will walk when we can as its only half a mile.

Im so proud of how my boy has grown! I shed a few tears the morning of school, a mix of happy and dad ones. These little ones grow up way too quick!