Saturday, December 26, 2009


We had a much smaller Christmas gathering this year than last! There were 8 of us. Me, Daddy, Harrison, Greg, Grammy, Pooh-Bah, Uncle Tom and Aunt Barb.

I baked another Christmas cake, its very boozy :)

We all managed to fit round one table, last year we needed 3!

We had a very traditional English Christmas dinner, Roast Turkey, stuffing, roast potatoes (they were so yummy!) sprouts with roast chestnuts, sausages wrapped in bacon, and crackers!

Christmas isn't Christmas to me without a turkey dinner. We ate left overs for 3 days :O)

Ours wasn't as moist as the Franksgiving Turkey~that girl as special powers!

This year Harrison was able to open all his gifts without much help at all. We opened some gifts Christmas eve, some Christmas morning and some later that day. He was overwhelmed as it was! It was such a joy with him this Christmas, he was so much fun and loved all his gifts!

We had such a busy Christmas day I didn't take many photos! And I don't think I have one of me anywhere.........I should put someone in charge of the camera next year!
I do have some video though, I will share it soon.

Sunday, December 20, 2009


We had a nice snow fall right before Christmas- Sadly I still didn't get to experience my first (in memory) white Christmas! It all melted apart from a tiny splodge of snowman bum!
Here is Harrison and Daddy building their first snowman, Harrison refused to wear his gloves so we had to rush back inside and couldn't spend long playing.

Doesn't he look cute?

Our neighbour Jena helped out.

We have since had plenty more snow, and now I'm bored of it and want to see grass again!

A visit with Santa.

We braved the cold and went to Columbus zoo to see the Christmas lights and Santa this year.
Harrison didn't get to visit with Santa last year, so this was his first time.
We have been reading Harrison lots of books about Christmas and many of them feature Santa, so he knows exactly who he is, if not what he does. I'm sure that will come next year though.
Harrison even recognizes Santa in shops, the other day we were in Kroger and a man who worked there had a Santa red shirt on with a hat and white beard. Harrison kept pointing and saying "Santa Santa Santa!" its so cute.
Trouble is now everyone with a beard is Santa :)

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Harrison turns 1 1/2 years old!

On December 16th Harrison turned 1 1/2 years old! He is such a BIG boy now!
He is talking up a charm, saying pretty much any word you ask him to, even if it doesn't sound quite right! We are way beyond counting them that's for sure!

He can jump on the spot with both feet.
Run like crazy, and very fast too!
He can count to two -we sometimes manage 3!
He can recognize and say the the names of the earth, moon and stars thanks to Wall-E
He knows a couple of shapes and colors, star, circle, orange and green (sometimes!)
He recognizes all his family in photos and can say their names.

Here he is on his 18month birthday.

He is so tall I swear he will be taller than Matt, who at 6ft3" is plenty tall enough! At 18 months Harrison is a full 3 inches taller than Matt was.

I'm in trouble.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

The Carolinas.

During the rest of our whistle-stop tour we drove around downtown Charleston.
What a beautiful city that is! We will be going back soon I hope so we can walk around and explore.
Here are some of the modest beach houses in downtown Charleston.

We did a little bit of site seeing on our way around town.

And drank lots of coffee!

I cant wait to go back.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

A (foggy!) day at the beach.

Living in Ohio Harrison has never been to the beach.This makes me sad, seeing as I spent almost my whole life living within 2 miles from the English channel! So, despite the weather, off we went for a walk along the beach!

As you'll see Harrison loved it! Running, climbing and digging.

Here are some very cute photos!

Lets hope to see some sun at our next beach trip!

A visit with Great-Gram

Harrison and Gram finally got to meet! They sure had fun together...................

Marathon Matt

We went to North and South Carolina with Grammy and Pooh-Bah in December. Matt wanted to run his 11th full Marathon (hes crazy) and we wanted to go visit Great-Grandma (Gram) for the first time! She hadn't met Harrison before (Only in utero) so it was way past due!

We flew into NC on Friday, Harrison was an absolute star on the plane, especially seeing as we got him up at like 5 am! Matt ran the Marathon on Saturday, he did so well despite the unusually cold weather and hilly course! Congrats Matt- Your awesome :O)
Before the Marathon- It was cold!

Harrison ready to cheer Daddy on!

Matt as he crossed the finish line- Just over 3 hrs!

My boys after the race.

Harrison eating Daddies after run nutrition!

After the Marathon, we headed on to South Carolina........

(I'm updating the blog from way back, so you'll be bombarded with lots of fun, but old news :)

Thursday, December 10, 2009


One of the first Movies Harrison ever saw as a new born was Wall-E. Watching movies with a tiny baby is easy! They sleep or eat through it.
Now, seeing a movie with a Toddler is a whole different story :)
So we were very surprised when Matt brought home the DVD Wall-E and Harrison pretty much sat through the whole film! He loves it, and likes to say ooops (or Oooop) a lot! He points out many of the things in the film, like the bug, the clocks etc. He can also say Earth, Moon and Sun now too!

I wonder if there are any other films that would have this same appeal?

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

18 Month check.

Harrison had his 18 month well check at the doctors yesterday.
Hes such a big boy now! His net appointment is for when he is 2 years old!
His stats are:

Weight: 26lb15oz (75%)
Height 361/4 inches: (Greater than 97%)
Head: 48.2cm (70%)

So we are now off the charts for height!
This kid is going to be taller than me by the time he is 10!
He is doing really well and very vocal, but we are definitely going to have to set some ground rules with discipline. I didn't realize how hard it was to give in to tantrums or cuteness for an easier life! All Harrison has to do is say "Please" ("Peeeeeas") or "Thankyou" ("Daddooo") and I melt.

Harrison loves Elmo hugs.

So cute.