Saturday, December 12, 2009

Marathon Matt

We went to North and South Carolina with Grammy and Pooh-Bah in December. Matt wanted to run his 11th full Marathon (hes crazy) and we wanted to go visit Great-Grandma (Gram) for the first time! She hadn't met Harrison before (Only in utero) so it was way past due!

We flew into NC on Friday, Harrison was an absolute star on the plane, especially seeing as we got him up at like 5 am! Matt ran the Marathon on Saturday, he did so well despite the unusually cold weather and hilly course! Congrats Matt- Your awesome :O)
Before the Marathon- It was cold!

Harrison ready to cheer Daddy on!

Matt as he crossed the finish line- Just over 3 hrs!

My boys after the race.

Harrison eating Daddies after run nutrition!

After the Marathon, we headed on to South Carolina........

(I'm updating the blog from way back, so you'll be bombarded with lots of fun, but old news :)

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