Sunday, January 29, 2012


I think it's so funny how some milestones appear out of the blue. On second they can't do something, then BAM they can! Last week we took Harrison to a new pre-school to see if it was a good fit. And one of the things they had them do was draw. Harrison has been drawing faces a while, but not people. You know, the tadpole people with looooong legs and a fat body. 

This morning, while scribbling on my iPad, he drew a tadpole person out of the blue. Here they are. Some of the drawings have backgrounds because you can load a photo in the background on the app. 

This is a drawing of Grammy. 

This is an Angry Bird. 

This is Allister.  

This is Daddy. Note his very long legs that go up past his head. Lol. 

 And mummy :)

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Monday, January 23, 2012

A morning out.

When it's cold and snowy out there's only one thing to do. 






Sunday, January 22, 2012


We finally got some snow. Much to Harrison's delight

Unfortunately Allister was too sick to go enjoy, so daddy took Harrison to play while Allister took a nap. 

Thankfully Allister is doing so much better today, and can hopefully enjoy it the next time we get some. 

I'm sure we'll get 30" In february to make up for the sprinkling we've had thus far!

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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Poor is sick boys :(

Here is Allister camped out on the couch because he's sick :(

It seems I went to the doctor about their asthma just in time. Just 2 days after the boys got sick. First Harrison and then Allister. Coincidently (probably not!) there was a sudden change in weather. It got very cold very quick. 

So Harrison developed his usual cough, and still has it a little. 

It hit Allister much harder. On Wednesday night, Allister started coughing. He threw up all over himself, right after his his bath. He then had a pretty good nights sleep, but when we went to take Harrison to school on Thursday I guess the cold air hit him. When we got back he coughed. And coughed. And coughed. I called the doctor and couldn't get an appointment till 2:10pm. Urgh. 

I called back after pretty much non stop coughing for 2 hours, he was short on breath and red in the face. And very fidgety like he was really uncomfortable. 

The doctors were already running over an hour and a half over. So they said to get him In a hot steamy room, and call back if he didn't improve. Thankfully, he did improve as soon as I got off the phone. Once we got to the doctor they gave him a nebulizer treatment which he hated  They checked his breathing and oxygen levels which were a little low at 96. After diagnosing him with an asthma attack they sent us home with a steroid (prednisone) instructions to use his rescue inhaler every 4 hours and to start his singulair. 

He is doing a little better, but not great. He still feels miserable and is of course very clingy! But his breathing is improving. I hope once he kicks this bug he'll be back to normal. 

Happy 2012!

We spent New Years Eve in Cincinannti with Grammy and Pooh-Bah. 
We had a lot of fun with hats, beads and horns!
Due to the boys bedtime, we have a tradition of all celebrating England New Year instead of American. 
It happens to fall conveniently at 7pm, just perfectly between dinner time and bed time!  


Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Christmas in pictures.

Even though I was pretty bad at taking photos this Christmas there's still a lot!
Christmas was so much fun this year, small but fun. The boys were super excited for Santa. This was the first year that Harrison really got the whole Santa concept. 

Here is what Santa left for the boys!

Our family Christmas eve. 
We spread the gifts out again this year. They're so little, it's so overwhelming getting 100 gifts at once. So they opened some gifts form Mummy and Daddy Christmas eve, along with gifts from Grammy and Pooh-Bah. Then gifts from oth family after Christmas. 


 Christmas morning we opened gifts from Santa!

Santa was all about pirates this year! Pirate ships to play with and ride in, one for the bath, and pirate figures, Peter Pan figures and swords!



If you don't want it to snow you need to go buy an awesome sled like this. 
Yeah, no snow this year. First year ever. Just a sprinkling here and there. I'm loving it, but the sled is gathering dust!



We had Christmas dinner on Christmas Eve this year. Traditional turkey with roast potatoes, sprouts etc. 

Super yummy! 


Cookies made by mummy for Santa. Harrison thought he'd like a juice rather than beer. 
Carrots and nuts for his raindeer. 

 Daddy opening the gift the boys chose for him. 

Harrison then proceeded to eat the chocolate medal by sneaking it later!


Allister took a shining to my slippers.  



Just some of their haul of presents! 





 What a wonderful time we had. 

Thank you everyone for your wonderful gifts! The boys will be making thank you cards real soon. There sick right now, suprise suprise, but it will be something to look forward to :)