Monday, January 9, 2012

Lots of fun

This is a pretty random post of some recent event! 
I know I still need to post about new year, Christmas and NYC! 
But this will have to tide you over :)

Allister is my littler helper of late! He loves to sit up on the counter and "help" mummy make dinner. 
Here he is testing the Brussels sprouts for me!
Harrison LOVES watermelon!
Recently the boys had the longest nap ever. Those who know Allister know he's not much of a sleeper. He recently woke up from his nap, then fell right back asleep on the couch till 4:30 making 3 1/2 hours his longest nap ever. I actually managed to read a magazine and have a cup of tea in peace. That does not happen very often. Allister barely naps for 90 minutes most days. Harrison woke up at 5:30 that day too. Not sure why they  were so tuckered out!

The boys love to sit on our bed and play iPad every morning! 
Their favorite games are Angry Birds, Talking Pirate, the Cars 2 games and Table Hockey!

Last week was "p" week at Harrison moms day out. 
P is for pajamas! Everyone wore their pajamas to school. It was so cute to see. 
Harrison wanted to wear  his Christmas pajamas the first day, the second day he wore his Star  Wars pajamas with his Star wars robe!

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