Saturday, January 21, 2012

Poor is sick boys :(

Here is Allister camped out on the couch because he's sick :(

It seems I went to the doctor about their asthma just in time. Just 2 days after the boys got sick. First Harrison and then Allister. Coincidently (probably not!) there was a sudden change in weather. It got very cold very quick. 

So Harrison developed his usual cough, and still has it a little. 

It hit Allister much harder. On Wednesday night, Allister started coughing. He threw up all over himself, right after his his bath. He then had a pretty good nights sleep, but when we went to take Harrison to school on Thursday I guess the cold air hit him. When we got back he coughed. And coughed. And coughed. I called the doctor and couldn't get an appointment till 2:10pm. Urgh. 

I called back after pretty much non stop coughing for 2 hours, he was short on breath and red in the face. And very fidgety like he was really uncomfortable. 

The doctors were already running over an hour and a half over. So they said to get him In a hot steamy room, and call back if he didn't improve. Thankfully, he did improve as soon as I got off the phone. Once we got to the doctor they gave him a nebulizer treatment which he hated  They checked his breathing and oxygen levels which were a little low at 96. After diagnosing him with an asthma attack they sent us home with a steroid (prednisone) instructions to use his rescue inhaler every 4 hours and to start his singulair. 

He is doing a little better, but not great. He still feels miserable and is of course very clingy! But his breathing is improving. I hope once he kicks this bug he'll be back to normal. 

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