Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Bedroom refit.

As you know we refitted out master bathroom and painted our bedroom just before Christmas. 

Well here's a few photos of what we did. We still have to do some work here and there to get it 100%. We need a new chair and sme artwork. Also a new bed or headboard. But we love it so much! 

You'll see why when you see what it was like before. 

Our ugly old moldy shower. 

 The sliding cupboard doors in our bathroom. 

The vanity area which is In Our bedroom. 

Note the hidouse lights and cabinet color. 

Our bedroom in all its magnolia glory!

The ugliest fan in the wolrd award went to us!

And it was so out of proportion to the room. 


 So here's our new bathroom, we love the color! And these new doors are so much better. 

A new toilet, floor tile and shower. No mold!


Our bedroom with the new colors. A new fan which we love! New curtains and vanity area. 




 I can't wait to finish it off! 

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