Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween and pumpkins :)

We had a fun Halloween!

Here are some more photos from the pumpkin patch, we left it pretty late so there was not many pumpkins left, but we still had fun, especially on the tractor ride!

Harrison loved Halloween this year, he went door to door and called "Trick or Treat!" and loved all the chocolate and candy. For days now he has been asking for more trick or treat.

Allister was all pooped out :)

To infinity and beyond!
Harrison kept saying "Harrison can fly!" I'm glad he figured out he couldn't as we spent enough money on hospital bills this year!

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Pumpkin Patch :)

More to come later!

Friday, October 29, 2010

Thursday, October 28, 2010

It's fall!

Tired and comfy.

After our vacation Harrison was so tired he fell asleep on the floor. We had our duvet on the floor in case he fell out of bed again and he thought it was super comfy! the next day he took a 4 1/2 hour nap too.


Allister is SO close to crawling now, he sure gets around! He does the Army Crawl and scoots and rolls everywhere. HE also gets right up on his knees and rocks...any day now we will have a crawler!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Sitting Pretty.

Allister sits perfectly now!

"What is That?"

I hear this phrase about every 2 minutes or more right now.
Harrison asks ":What is that?" To just about everything.

We are eating lunch..he points to every food on his plate several times and asks....
"What is that?"

We are reading a book and he points to everything on the page and asks....
"What is that?"

We are going potty and he points to everything in the bathroom and asks...
"What is that?"

I wonder how long this phase will last? its both awesome and annoying at the same time! I see him learning so much and so many new words, his sentences are getting better and better, he is saying "Me" and "I" all the time now too. Although he gets confused and says "Help You" instead of "Help me" all the time.

I guess the "Why" phase is next!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Our First Family Vacation.

Last week we went to Mount Pleasant South Carolina for a weeks vacation.
It was the first real family vacation we have been on, and it was perfect and awesome and wonderful in every way!
We had been to California with Harrison before, and for a city break to Boston, but never a real beach-holiday stay-in-a-hotel-with-4-of-us type vacation.


The drive went pretty well apart from a few tantrums when disturbing the kids to get them into bed, and we left later than expected so we traveled until 1am the first day, which was way too late seeing as we were all up early for Matt's Marathon that he ran that morning (more on that later!)

the kids actually did really well in the car, they slept most of the way, and then Harrison watched TV and played games on his iPhone. On the way down (the first leg- we did it on 2 stages) we stopped a total of 5 times between us! What with nursing and potty breaks we couldn't seem to get co-ordinated, we did much better on the way home!

We spent every morning on the beach- we had perfect beach weather 80ish degrees and sun sun sun! The water was almost 80f too.

Wouldn't you love to live this 5m house?

This is us set up on the beach in the same spot almost every day.

Below Harrison running on the beach- He had a blast and got very brave in the water by the end of the week.

Matt mid prance!

Playing get-you get-you.

Allister in his shady hang out!

He loved the water too...

All smiles :o)

Mom hanging out on the sand.

Harrison and pooh-bah making sandcastles.

Allister is like this pretty much 24-7!

And look at those teeth! And you can barely see his surgery scar too.

Don't ya just love bare-babies Y'all!

Uncle Scott, Natalie and Aunt Barb came to visit while we were there which was great! I was very bad at getting photos though., but here is Natalie who was so wonderful with the boys and so helpful! And Aunt Barb too.

We of course got to see Aunt Leslie and Great Gram too! I'll have to steal some photos from Grammy for the blog :)

All in all we had the most wonderful time, it was great to see family, Matt and I got a great date night, the boys had a blast, and so did we! I think we will make this a family tradition and go every year. that's if I cant persuade Matt to take a job there before that!

I'm sure I forgot to say lots I wanted to on this post, but I didn't want to leave it a week before you got to see the photos, and I'm still playing laundry-catch-up!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Saturday, October 16, 2010


Taking his own photo with the iPhone. He thought it was pretty funny!

Friday, October 15, 2010

Like father like son :)

This is the funniest thing I have seen in a while.
Harrison will hate me for this one day, especially when I show his girlfriends!
Enjoy a good laugh :D


Thursday, October 14, 2010

It's off!

Allisters bandage that is. We went for a follow up appointment at 8:15 this morning -yeah we had to be out the house for 7:30am- it didn't happen!
Everything looks good and you can barely see the scar.

Naked Breakfast ;0)

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

More teeth!

Allister is getting his second bottom tooth, it just broke through the gum this weekend.
He also has his first cold and so has been up 2 or 3 times a night. I forgot how little sleep you get the first year with teething, nursing and sick babies!
I look forward to the days when I have to drag my boys out of bed in the morning, but don't quote me on that in 10 years time :)

We are off on vacation on Sunday! Matt is running the Columbus Marathon in the morning, then its a looong drive for us! Any tips with the boys would be great.
I'm excited for the beach.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Go Cincinnati!

Here's Matt and I at the Bengals game today. It was hot and sunny and we scored some awesome last minute tickets from a tout. Now we are going back so I can watch our boys and Matt and the rest of the gang can go watch the Reds. Let's hope they don't throw the game away like the Bengals.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

7 months old today!

Wow that went fast!
We are on our way to Cinci right now so no photo of the un-birthday boy just yet!
This weekend we are celebrating Pooh-Bahs retirement, and Matt is going to see the Reds in the play-offs Sunday night. We were all going to go but the game is at 7pm so it won't finish till 10-11pm which ends up too late for the boys!
Let's hope they win- Go Reds!


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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Allister sure gets around now!

This was taken over only 5 minutes :)

The boy and his bone.

Here is Harrison and his collar bone. I'm still having a tough time keeping this guy from climbing, and therefore falling, he just has too much energy!

You can see its now swollen and bruised.
The trouble is, when we first went to Urgent care, there was no swelling and no bruising. Although the doctor didn't even take his shirt off anyhow!
Mend soon baby boy :)

Edited to add- Its his left shoulder, so right as you look at the screen, in case your eyes are bad ;)

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Harrison update.

Harrison is doing great after his broken bone. He still wont wear his brace, but it doesn't seem to be bothering him! The doctors and his teachers were all surprised at how well he is moving about, especially considering how he has an actual break not just a little crack.
Trouble is, because he isn't too bothered by it I cant seem to prevent him from climbing! He has been climbing over all the furniture this morning and I have been constantly telling him not too. When Harrison is tired or hurts (like teething) he goes a bit hyper, i guess that's how he deals with it. So he has been more active than normal! He was climbing on Allister's swing earlier and just as I was saying get down or you'll fall on your owie, he did. And it hurt of course!
This boy needs a tether!

We have a follow up appointment next week with our doctor.

Speaking of teething, Harrison has cut his last tooth!!! Yipee!
His final 2 year molar is half way through then we are done till he's like 6!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Another ouchy

So Harrison has broken his left collar bone :(
We spent another long long day in doctors offices and urgent care! We had an appointment with our doctor at 11.10am, and then went home had lunch, and then back to urgent care. We got home just now at 5:20pm.
I want to scream!
It was so hard keeping Harrison happy and amused, he was tired, grumpy and not feeling great. The X-ray part went quick, then we waited what seemed like forever just to have a bandage put on that I could do in 5 seconds. So much for speedier service when you pay!
Anyway, I think the whole experience was tainted by the fact that we spend a couple of needless hours there on Sunday (I will explain below.)
Here is Harrison's X-ray- the break is pretty obvious and everyone said how well he is doing despite it! He's not very fussy and moving his arm fairly well, just not holding it right up.

So the story goes a little like this...
Saturday night 1am- THUD. Harrison falls out of bed (First time ever!) cries for 2 or 3 hours, and so I give him Ibuprofen and he goes to sleep with me in his bed. After I leave to go back to my bed, Harrison comes into our room, so he sleeps with us and does fine till 7am or so, then wakes up crying again and holding the side and back of his neck. After much debate with Daddy Matt we decide to call the doctor, he has a bad cold and bad cough too, so we wonder is it the fall or an ear infection?
The doctor tells us if he is moving around fine and seems fairly happy wait till urgent care opens at noon, so we do and off we go.

Once we get to see the doctor, I explain everything and she checks his ears, no problem. She checks his throat no problem. She assumes a sinus infection because we cant see anything wrong. She doesn't however feel for a broken collar bone. the most likely broken bone on the body, especially on children and especially after falls from the bed!
I regret not questioning the doctors authority.
We go home with antibiotics and instruction to visit our doctor if he isn't better in 2 days.
Over the next few days Harrison seems a lot better, but I can see his shoulder just looks different and he is favoring his right arm, he also complains of it being "ouchy" and asks me and daddy to "kiss it better" lots and lots! Even Ickle Jason had to kiss it better!

So I decide to trust my instinct and off we go again to the doctor today, who says, yes it looks broken. And so after lunch we return to Urgent care. We wait WAY TOO LONG to be seen by a doctor who is just sitting at a desk, doing "nothing" I'm sure. Or so it feels to my "two tired grumpy" boys self.

Harrison has a shoulder brace that he has already removed. Our doctor said if he doesn't want to wear it don't force the issue, its doesn't aide healing, just helps him feel more comfortable.
He wont be climbing any monkey bars soon!