Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Harrison update.

Harrison is doing great after his broken bone. He still wont wear his brace, but it doesn't seem to be bothering him! The doctors and his teachers were all surprised at how well he is moving about, especially considering how he has an actual break not just a little crack.
Trouble is, because he isn't too bothered by it I cant seem to prevent him from climbing! He has been climbing over all the furniture this morning and I have been constantly telling him not too. When Harrison is tired or hurts (like teething) he goes a bit hyper, i guess that's how he deals with it. So he has been more active than normal! He was climbing on Allister's swing earlier and just as I was saying get down or you'll fall on your owie, he did. And it hurt of course!
This boy needs a tether!

We have a follow up appointment next week with our doctor.

Speaking of teething, Harrison has cut his last tooth!!! Yipee!
His final 2 year molar is half way through then we are done till he's like 6!

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