Wednesday, October 27, 2010

"What is That?"

I hear this phrase about every 2 minutes or more right now.
Harrison asks ":What is that?" To just about everything.

We are eating lunch..he points to every food on his plate several times and asks....
"What is that?"

We are reading a book and he points to everything on the page and asks....
"What is that?"

We are going potty and he points to everything in the bathroom and asks...
"What is that?"

I wonder how long this phase will last? its both awesome and annoying at the same time! I see him learning so much and so many new words, his sentences are getting better and better, he is saying "Me" and "I" all the time now too. Although he gets confused and says "Help You" instead of "Help me" all the time.

I guess the "Why" phase is next!

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