Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Trick or Treat!

It was Halloween right?

I've been so busy I'm behind on my blog. And I hate that because I LOVE this blog!

I haven't even shared last summers holiday, and 2012 is coming to an end.

I will though! I promise :)

So, Halloween!

The boys knew what costumes they wanted for months.

And months.

And months.

So I ordered them online, and they sat on the fridge gathering dust till Halloween!

A red Power Ranger and Captain Jack Sparrow.

This year Harrison got to experience his First Halloween party at pre-school.

Here is ready to go!

It was fun, organized chaos!

And here's Allister :) he got to go as a guest.

Then the boys decided to switch roles.
Allister makes a great Jacks Sparrow! He has the pose just right lol
I'm not sure Power Rangers are supposed to be this cute :)


So here we are off to Pre-school all dressed up!

The parade! All the little ones get to parade around the older kids classes.
It took forever!
Then we got to go play games and eat yummy food!
I was In charge of games, one of those was Pumpkin Mummy Bowling.
They ate lots of yummy food, played with goo, got yummy treats and made fun pumpkin crafts.

Here is Harrison's class.

Left to right.

Catherine is the green fairy, Andrew is Batman, Fadil is a pirate, Maggie is another princes.

Isra is in the back with butterfly antenna, Tori is the little blond in front as a pink fairy. Next to her is Carters' sister as a guest. Carter is another Batman and lastly the droid is Colby.


That night it was time for trick of treat!

But wait, where Captain Jack!?

Allister had a last minute change of heart and decided to be spiderman.

$50 costume was worn once at least right!

I didn't realize why everyone was calling Allister spider girl until, Somone mention the braids in his hat!

So I eventually tucked them in lol


The boys managed, in freezing cold rain, to be out almost the two whole hours! We teamed up with our f fiend and neighbor Henry who was Capt America.
And went home to eat out candy!

it took us till about now to finally eat it all!

I can't wait till there Older so I don't have to help out so much in that department.

Costumes choices for next year are already being discussed :)


Saturday, November 17, 2012

Tuesday, November 13, 2012


We had some family photos taken, and they turned out great :)
I wonder what you guys will be getting for Christmas :)

The way a 2 year old thinks......

The way a 2 year olds mine works is so cute.
We recently moved our playroom down to the basement because the boys are older and can play unassisted now. Well Kind of :)
Anyhow this is Allister's take....
"Is the play room down there now?" points downstairs.
Me- "yes sweetie"
Points to old playroom (soon to be office)
"So that's the basement now?"
Smart kid huh! Makes sense to me :)

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Sunday, November 11, 2012

Monday, November 5, 2012

First Dentist Appointment.

Allister had his first dentist appointment today.

He did AWESOME! The dentist managed a full clean, fluoride and check up. He laid there and let them do everything needed.

No cavities for both boys! Woot!

Here he is all smiles lol.

This was Harrison's third time at the dentist. This time he got to see the hygienist. She was wonderful and patient! He had a full clean, Floride and check. He kept telling her he was done, he didn't like the spin brush, but he managed just fine.

He was very tense at his last two appointments and very relaxed this time. He's doing better with noises. He's growing up!


Allister also had a haircut today, here he is wanting in the chair like a big boy :)

We will be back in 6 months!


Sunday, November 4, 2012

Home improvements.

We've been really busy with home renovations lately. It's tiring, but awesome to see the transformation. By the end of November we will have a brand new house!
My latest craze is to brighten up the closets. Their all drearily magnolia and in need of color and organization.
This is the hall closet, now bright orange and fresh :)
The downstairs loo had new granite top and sink. So we freshened the paint and got rid of the red walls. I never liked the red, we just used up our spare red paint at the time. This new paint is beautiful! It's called "A weekend in the country" so now when you go to the loo in our house your going for a "weekend in the country" :)
It's very calm in the restroom now.
Here is out Kitchen when we moved in, UGLY!
after paint on the walls, doors, new appliances, and granite its a whole new space. We will tile too eventually.
We extended the counter to create a bar space. The boys love it! And it's so nice to have extra counter space.
Just a reminder of the hideous before!
The wider counter.
Those adorable boys again!

Another closet makeover. This closet was so bad before I forgot to take a picture. It was a huge space with a miss match of shelves.

I'm in love with this space now! A place for everything. It's a locker, pantry, storage dream! !

We also had the terrible sliding doors replaced, and every other ugly door in the house.

New back door to the garage, and side doors are to the new cupboard above.
We had the old 80's medicine cabinets removed, and new granite and sinks in the upstairs bathroom too.

The painters are still finishing painting the trim. I'm decorating the dining room, laundry room and then basement and play room.

We're having plantation shutters and carpet. Then I'll tackle the remainder of the closets and some storage issues in the basement.

I'm keeping busy for sure!

We're loving our house too. Just not having workmen in every day.


Friday, November 2, 2012

A trip to Lowes........


Requires a light saber and an empty Halloween candy bucket.