Sunday, November 4, 2012

Home improvements.

We've been really busy with home renovations lately. It's tiring, but awesome to see the transformation. By the end of November we will have a brand new house!
My latest craze is to brighten up the closets. Their all drearily magnolia and in need of color and organization.
This is the hall closet, now bright orange and fresh :)
The downstairs loo had new granite top and sink. So we freshened the paint and got rid of the red walls. I never liked the red, we just used up our spare red paint at the time. This new paint is beautiful! It's called "A weekend in the country" so now when you go to the loo in our house your going for a "weekend in the country" :)
It's very calm in the restroom now.
Here is out Kitchen when we moved in, UGLY!
after paint on the walls, doors, new appliances, and granite its a whole new space. We will tile too eventually.
We extended the counter to create a bar space. The boys love it! And it's so nice to have extra counter space.
Just a reminder of the hideous before!
The wider counter.
Those adorable boys again!

Another closet makeover. This closet was so bad before I forgot to take a picture. It was a huge space with a miss match of shelves.

I'm in love with this space now! A place for everything. It's a locker, pantry, storage dream! !

We also had the terrible sliding doors replaced, and every other ugly door in the house.

New back door to the garage, and side doors are to the new cupboard above.
We had the old 80's medicine cabinets removed, and new granite and sinks in the upstairs bathroom too.

The painters are still finishing painting the trim. I'm decorating the dining room, laundry room and then basement and play room.

We're having plantation shutters and carpet. Then I'll tackle the remainder of the closets and some storage issues in the basement.

I'm keeping busy for sure!

We're loving our house too. Just not having workmen in every day.


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