Monday, November 5, 2012

First Dentist Appointment.

Allister had his first dentist appointment today.

He did AWESOME! The dentist managed a full clean, fluoride and check up. He laid there and let them do everything needed.

No cavities for both boys! Woot!

Here he is all smiles lol.

This was Harrison's third time at the dentist. This time he got to see the hygienist. She was wonderful and patient! He had a full clean, Floride and check. He kept telling her he was done, he didn't like the spin brush, but he managed just fine.

He was very tense at his last two appointments and very relaxed this time. He's doing better with noises. He's growing up!


Allister also had a haircut today, here he is wanting in the chair like a big boy :)

We will be back in 6 months!


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