Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Caterpillar blues :)

When Harrison was a baby, he was lulled to sleep by his cute little caterpillar.
He loved it so much that he wore it out, so I bought another one when I was pregnant with Allister for him to enjoy and mounted it on his crib- see below.

But Allister doesn't seem to like Mr.Caterpillar!
Being the naughty mummy I am I had to get proof of what happens each time I turn on said caterpillar, its mean, but I was quick! Here's a video, he does this each time I play the caterpillar.
Funny thing is he got so mad he didn't even like his normal music afterwards!

It breaks your heart doesn't it!
I promise I wont do it again!

Here he is all happy and cute....

Then it all starts with a frown....

And then a full on cry!

Bless him :(

He only cries for the caterpillar and if he is made jump, like if I sneeze! He is sensitive to noises.
Ill post a nice giggling video next to help make up for this one.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Allister is able to sit now for just a second or two! He's so
adorable :)

And now it all makes sense....

The terrible two's can be oh so very terrible!

Harrison been very hard work the last couple of weeks. Super hyper behavior.
He trashed his room again, climbing on top of his dresser, removing all the things from his shelf. This is a photo of how it looked when we did his room, and recently he had 2 Paddington Bears on top of the box's.
Well, they're no longer there, he cleared the whole shelf, the box's too, and undressed both Paddington's, also removing their tags.

And this picture of Harrison's name is no longer on the wall.
the bed rail is no longer on the bed, he would just swing on it and so the mattress would end up on the floor.

Matt and I were beginning to wonder if this boy would ever calm down again!

And then, yesterday Harrison missed his nap, he also woke up crying a few times last night. Something he hasn't done in ages!
And that's when it twigged....I had an Ah-Ha moment as Oprah would say.
Yup, low and behold he is cutting his bottom right molar.
Whenever Harrison is teething he turns into a tornado!
He puts the phrase "Terrible Twos" to shame.
So, he has had some ibuprofen today, and a trip to the park to get out some energy. I'm hoping the last 2 molars come quick!
I cant wait to get my happy baby back :)

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Harrison's 2 year Well check

This morning we went for Harrison's 2 year doctors appointment.
He did great! 2 shots, just a little cry and all was forgotten.
He's doing everything he should be for his age, and is BEYOND tall! Way off the height charts for his age! He was crazy hyper this morning as he woke up TRD (Otherwise know as- Tired and grumpy!) But he still did awesome, and loved the stethoscope, he can even say it!
The doctor recommended a Moms Day Out programme over pre-school for his age, she said it would help him focus his attention and maybe get some of his abundant energy out.
Here are his stats:

Weight: 32.6lb (92 percentile)
Height : 38 1/2 inches (Greater than 97 percentile = off the charts)
Head size: 49.5 cm (75 percentile)

Its funny when you look at his height chart, he's in between the lines all the way until this and his last appointment then he jumps way up and in the middle of nowhere.

That's all about my adorable crazy 2 year old till he is 3!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Fathers day at the pool.

The weather is perfect!
Here's Allister chilling by the pool under his sun shade.

Saturday, June 19, 2010


Harrison received a Helicopter from Granddad for his birthday.
He likes it I think :)

Its all for them.

I sometimes wonder if people don't get the point of this Blog.
I wonder if people think "Why on earth is she blogging about such mundane stuff" Or "Not another blog from the Blake Family!" or "I don't need to know that, TMI!" or even "Oh I can't believe she parents like that!".
(And probably "Not ANOTHER spelling or grammar mistake!" - You all know I can't spell.)

It's because this blog is not for your benefit, it's for the boys. And for me. It's just a bonus if you too get enjoyment from this, and that you are able to share in the boys and our lives so often!
In years to come we can all look back and remember the finer details, the fun times, the tough times, the silly times. They come and go so quick, any parent knows that!

Even now I look back at the beginning of this blog , almost 2 years ago already, and smile and laugh and miss those times. I think how wonderful it would be if there was a blog about my childhood, the stuff before I can remember, and the stuff that I think I remember.

So if you sometimes wonder if I am over-sharing, or writing about stuff that doesn't interest you, or you don't have time to read, then that's fine! Don't read it, sometimes read it, read the bits you want and not the bits you don't want, read all of it twice over! It's all fine by me! I just hope that you don't judge our family, and that you can just treasure the fact that my family is able to share so much joy with you and your family, and that if you want to live our life with us, then it's all here for your pleasure!
Enjoy :)
(I hope!)

Friday, June 18, 2010

Today we're supporting Team USA!

It's only fair :)

Harrison the Artist.

We had a lot of fun painting on Harrison's birthday.
He loved it :)


This is an airplane.

And a contemporary piece.

What a work of art!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

All about the boy :)

We all had such a fun Birthday with Harrison yesterday.
We played with paints in the morning, Harrison completed his first water colour.
(Photos to come)

We met Daddy for lunch and went to Chucke-Cheese for the first time, we had a blast!
Then home for a long nap.
I made Banana Cupcakes for a treat after dinner and Harrison got to blow out more candles. He opened more birthday gifts and then after dinner we watched The Fantastic Mr Fox as a family.
We had such a a fun day with our little 2 year old.
Here's a little video of his birthday!
(Edited to say- Its not little its a long video!)

Wednesday, June 16, 2010


On the way to ChuckeCheese on Harrison's birthday I managed to catch Harrison singing.
the same song I mentioned he was singing to the other day was on the radio as we got in the car and he started singing. I missed most of it as I had to fumble in my bag while reversing down the drive.
Here's what I managed to catch !

The song is Halfway Gone by some one called Lifehouse that Ive never heard of!

Happy birthday Harrison!

Harrison is 2 today :) He is such a big boy now!

Lets reminisce, here he is at birth and the first week of his life.

Here he is the day he was born, he is moments old here.

And here he is taking some of his first steps.

Happy birthday sweet baby boy.
We love you!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Cold Turkey.

Harrison has still been using his Binky (Dummy) for night time and nap time.
He doesn't really need it, it's habit. I just haven't taken it off him yet.

I told myself I would take it at 2, and tomorrow that day happens!
Coincidentally, I was just putting Harrison down for his nap and he chewed a hole in one of his Binky's. I pulled out the spares and noticed he had chewed them all!
So I told him he broke it and took it off him.
Cold Turkey.
He whined for a while, and is now playing quietly in his room, lets see if he naps!

Update. June 17th.
I gave in and gave him another Binky,m but he still didn't nap!
I found one that he hasn't chewed yet, but its days are numbered!
Maybe I'll take it off him today?

Monday, June 14, 2010

Harrison's 2nd Birthday Party.

Harrison had a lot of fun at his second birthday party on Saturday.
We had a Sports Ball theme, hes into baseball, basketball football and all things ball right now!

Here is Harrison's Basketball cake.
He sampled the frosting as soon as he saw it :)

The 3 of us!

Harrison managed to blow out both his candles!

Jonny enjoying our neighbors trampoline!

The men do their thing.

A cake-faced Harrison.

We had a lot of helping hands to open Harrison's presents!
It was a lot of fun.

Harrison with Buzz-light-year and Rex.

The basketball hoop was a big success, it goes from 3ft to 6ft so will last him till he's at least 3. (Joke)

Round 2 is on Harrison's actual birthday this Wednesday, we'll go do something fun and open more presents!

Friday, June 11, 2010


Harrison has decided that rubbing his face with his PBJ sandwich is
more fun than eating it. He uses the bread like a makeup sponge and
the peanut butter like makeup.

Remember when.....

You could fit under the bed?

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Yin and yang?

Random stuff.

I had to wait in all day for 2 reasons.

1-The guy came this morning to fit our invisible Guinness fence
2-I'm now waiting on the guys to fit our new back door.

And now I'm bored so I thought I would share some random thoughts and happenings.


Firstly, Matt, Harrison, Guinness and I got stuck in our bedroom the other day! It was so funny, but almost scary. The baby was safe and asleep in his crib, thank goodness!
Harrison was being his usual boisterous self, so either Matt or him closed our door. We don't normally close it fully, we just leave it ajar as its stiff. Well its stiffer than we thought!
When we were all dressed and ready I went to open it, and it wouldn't budge, I tried the lock, yup it wasn't locked! It was stuck!
Matt couldn't budge it either as it opens in. I guess it was swollen from the heat and it just wouldn't budge! We tried a credit card and lots of power but nope. At this point I was starting to panic, what if we cant get hold of anyone, we'll have to call the police!
Thankfully we both had our iPhone's with us, I called the only neighbors number I had, on the third attempt she answered, and came to our rescue!
Now, in the great scheme of things this isn't that dramatic an event, but all that keeps going through my head is the "what ifs?"
What if I was on my own in the bedroom, and I didn't have my phone, and the babies where in another room, and Matt wasn't home, and I couldn't get hold of anyone from shouting out the window, and we didn't have a garage door code for someone to get in and and and.... phew, see?
I have visions of me doing a scene from Mission Impossible and climbing out of our bedroom window and scaling down the side of the garage!
Anyhow, I will be avoiding closing our bedroom door and getting a plane (plain?) to that door!


A conversation with Harrison the other day:

I sneeze-
Harrison "Bless you mummy."
Me "Thank you Harrison."
Harrison "Your welcome Mummy."

He has such manners!


The other day Harrison and I were in the car and I had the radio on, some random song was on, with a very repetitive chorus. I don't remember the words, but for the first time Harrison started singing along! It was so cute, and very very funny! If I catch him at it again Ill try and record it!


Harrison is now making up his complete own sentences, and has started to use the words "me" and "I" when referring to himself.
He also comes up to me a million times a day and says "Hi Mummy".
I answer "Hi Harrison!"
It goes back and forth till one of us gets bored.
Guess who gets bored first!

Now what did I forget.........

At least he remembered his shoes!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Allister is 3 months old today!

Allister is already 3 months old, wow that went fast!
He is such fun right now, laughing and giggling all the time.
His favorite game is Pat-a-Cake, he LOVES it! Its guaranteed a giggle :)

Happy 3 month birthday Allister!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Summer fun.

We spend a lot of time outdoors right now. Harrison loves to play basketball with the big boys, they are so sweet and lower the hoop down for him! They let him steal their basketballs and are so nice to him. Allister and I relax on a comfy blanket and chat!