Monday, June 14, 2010

Harrison's 2nd Birthday Party.

Harrison had a lot of fun at his second birthday party on Saturday.
We had a Sports Ball theme, hes into baseball, basketball football and all things ball right now!

Here is Harrison's Basketball cake.
He sampled the frosting as soon as he saw it :)

The 3 of us!

Harrison managed to blow out both his candles!

Jonny enjoying our neighbors trampoline!

The men do their thing.

A cake-faced Harrison.

We had a lot of helping hands to open Harrison's presents!
It was a lot of fun.

Harrison with Buzz-light-year and Rex.

The basketball hoop was a big success, it goes from 3ft to 6ft so will last him till he's at least 3. (Joke)

Round 2 is on Harrison's actual birthday this Wednesday, we'll go do something fun and open more presents!

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