Thursday, June 25, 2009

Bye Bye Boppy.

For the longest time a Boppy has sat on my couch, and in Harrison's nursery. Its staple of almost every nursing mum. Now that we are done with nursing, both Boppys have been packed up and moved to the basement. We nursed for 1 year and 3 days, towards the end Harrison's was just not interested any more. The American Academy or Pediatrics (AAP) recommends nursing for at least the first year of a child's life. I am proud to have accomplished this. Any mum out there, and many husbands too, know what a challenge it can be, especially in the first days and weeks. I am pleased to say I found nursing only slightly challenging in the first few days, and had far less trouble than most first time mums. I have found nursing, for the most part, a pleasure that I shall miss.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Harrisons one year appointment.

Last Friday we took Harrison for his one year appointment.
He was 22lb 11oz (50th percentile)
31 1/4 inches tall (90th percentile)
and his head was 46.5cm (50th percentile)
He is still tall and skinny!

He had 2 shots, which neither of us liked! One of them gave him a fever and a rash on his arms and legs, but he is fine again now. Thankfully he wasn't grumpy for his birthday party! We are due to get two more shots in a few weeks as I didn't want him to have 4 the Friday before his party, it was a good job as he was reacted the way he did.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Harrison's First Birthday Party.

The Elmo invite.

The Elmo cupcake-cake with Vanilla, Chocolate and Red Velvet cupcakes.


Harrison's mini-smash cake all for himself.

The Birthday Boy!

With an Elmo balloon.

Playing in the garden with Friends and family.

Gift time!

Harrison eating his Elmo smash-cake.
He seemed to enjoy it......

The finished goods.

Mummy's home made Elmo Cake-Pops!

More on this to come in another post,

I think they deserve a whole post to themselves don't you?

We had a lot of fun!

Happy First Fathers Day Daddy!

Happy First Fathers Day!!
Daddy your an awesome Dad and we love you!

Harrison and I mounted all Matt's marathon medals as a
fathers day gift, with Auntie Jules help.

There are 2 spaces for future marathons too!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Turning ONE must be exhausting!

Since Harrison turned one he has been sleeping extra long! Every morning he has been sleeping in till 8:30am. Now anyone who has a baby knows this is heaven! Especially as he is still going down at 8pm the night before. I have also had to go wake him from his afternoon nap for his dinner, or he would sleep right through!

I may use this as a chance to wean, we are still breastfeeding, but now we have made it to one year, and only feed once a day it may be time to have my body back. Bitter-sweet.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

What Harrison got up to for his Birthday -Part One

My Birthday lasted for days! First I got some cool gifts.
Apparently there's more of these to come.....

Mummy and Daddy helped me open my gifts,
I liked laying with the paper.......

I played with my new toys lots!

We had ice cream cake with candles
and everyone sang Happy Birthday to ME!

That made me very happy.

As you can see I didn't like the cake much ;O)

Mummy and Daddy got me a cool table so I can start to draw and
also so I can sit with my friends!
The table converts into a drawing easel.
They also got me books and balls.

Then Grammy and Pooh-Bah took us all to Kings Island!
We stood in line FOREVER to go on a cool helicopter ride.
Grammy said it was hot in line and it was the longest que in the whoooooole place!

I had lots of fun.....

I also went on a carousel, and helped everyone eat their ice cream.
The next day we went to the aquarium!

That was cool! There were BIG sharks and lots of funny jellyfish.

Then when I got home I ate take-out curry for dinner for the first time.
It was YUMMY I like the chicken and poppadoms best,
with the funny lime green coriander chutney.
Mummy and Aunt Jules said I was weird cos they don't like it :-)

I then opened lots more gifts and cards in my diaper as my clothes had curry on them.
Mummy said that she will be having fun with those.

And that is my First birthday so far. Next Saturday I get to have a party and more cake, balloons and stuff. I cant wait!
Love Harrison

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Happy First Birthday Harrison!

We are taking Harrison to the aquarium to to celebrate. So far he has
got lots of fun toys, been to Kings Island and eaten lots of icecream!
More posts and photos to come later when we are home.....

Here is Harrison playing with some of his new toys.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Chocolatey Chumble Chops

Before you think I am stuffing my almost 1 year old full of chocolate....
this mess was made with a tiny slither!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

What a difference a day (or two) make.......

So we finally got rid of the yukky salmon colour on the house trim, which looks 10 times worse in real life than in this photo! And the green shutters.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Kisses and Teeth!

Harrison now does the cutest thing when you ask for a kiss and blow kissing noises at him....
He will gently bend his head to the side so you can kiss the top of his head, its adorable! I'm guessing he learned this because he gets lots and lots of kisses.

Finally the slowest growing teeth in the whole history of teething have come through! The top 4 teeth have been taking their pretty time making an appearance. So now he has hi top left, top right and next left. We are just waiting for the other one to be in and he will have his top 4! I'm glad I am weaning, well due to the teeth but its actually kind of sad too.

Count Down.........

So, I am counting days right now.
2 days till Auntie Jules arrives for 4 whole weeks! Yipppeeeeee
And 5 short days till my baby boy turns into a big boy and has a first birthday!
9 Days until Harrison's Elmo birthday party.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

More Zootastic Photos!

All giggles!

He really is the......

A rare photo of mummy and baby!

Toddling around.

Loving the aquarium.

And the carousel with Daddy, Grammy and Pooh-Bah

Daddy and Harrison.

Harrison's new Teddy Bear from Great-Gram and his Maraca!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Poor baby booboo's

Its been a tough week for poor baby Harrison :-(

Firstly, he hurt his mouth. I had just finished brushing his teeth, and then was getting him undressed for his bath. He stood up and grabbed his toothbrush and ran away. He fell over, I think with the toothbrush in his mouth. He screamed, I picked up the poor little naked baby and he was bleeding from his mouth :-( It BROKE my heart! I panicked and ran downstairs screaming we had to take him to Urgent Care! With the help of a torch (or flash light as you guys here call it, I didn't use a flame!) and a plastic spoon I managed to get a good look inside his mouth, he had poked or bitten the inside of his cheek. Anyway he calmed down pretty quick and the bleeding stopped so Matt managed to persuade me rushing off to the hospital may be an overreaction. Even so, I checked on him every 10 minutes while he was napping, just in case.
The next day he had a little lump on his cheek, but he has been fine. Hes such a trooper!

Then on Wednesday he got Lassoed by Guinness's tether! He is the second casualty of Guinness's tether in 2 weeks (it was my turn last time and I had a massive bruise on my leg to show for it) Harrison was wondering the grass outside and Guinness was merrily wandering round too. Then out of the blue Guinness bolted (I guess he saw a ball, bird or bunny?) and Harrison was in the way! I freaked, again, and Harrison was caught on the side of his neck and fell down. It could have been SO MUCH worse! Poor poor baby, my heart skipped a beat and I felt sick for ages! We WILL be buying an electric fence now, we are not allowed to put up a real fence. I cant have this happen again. Anyway, Harrison is fine, thankfully, and just has a little scrape on his neck.

Lets hope these things really don't come in threes, my heart wont take much more!

My new hair style

With daddys hair stuff...

See my Teeth!