Thursday, September 30, 2010

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Such a boy!

Harrison had yet another time out at school today!
I hope he starts learning his boundaries soon, he had to stay with Miss Patti at the office today because he wouldn't stop throwing toys.
I hope he gets this phase over with quickly for his teachers sake!
He did some cute art work yesterday....

This is paint and shaving foam.

And froggies :)

Harrison has finally figured out how to count, I don't mean he CAN count, I mean he knows a number represents an item.
Before counting was random, he would count to the teens and then all the numbers would sound the same. He would point to say, 5 items, and just randomly count to any old number.
Now he will point to an individual item and count it, with a single number. He counted my fingers and got to 5 (he also got to six once, be he tapped a finger twice !)
Its a big step in learning don't you think?


Happy Birthday Guinness!

4 Years old today!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

My Giggle Monster.

Happy Anniversary :)

To the Blake family Blog!
Its 2 years old today, and were almost at 500 blog posts!

Friday, September 24, 2010

Object permanence.

Allister has developed Object Permanence recently, every time I walk away he screams!
Not a happy baby, I have to distract him so I can be out of site.
A significant, and annoying, Milestone :)
I hope this separation anxiety passes soon.

"Harrison sit in time out!"

This phrase is getting rather familiar after Harrison attends his MDO program!
5 days into MDO and 4 timeouts lol.
He isn't being naughty exactly, but is testing his boundaries with his teachers a lot, other than the one pushing incident he has been leaving the lunch table and wondering around with his food, so he sits in timeout! At home we strap Harrison into a booster seat, so he hasn't yet learned to sit in his seat till lunch is finished. I'm sure he will learn soon enough!
We also had a screaming incident today, something Harrison hasn't done in a while. He was wondering around the classroom screaming at the top of his lungs, surely for attention. Its kind of funny when you think about it, he used to do this allot with his buddy Jonny, they would take turns to scream, and after a while it would get so annoying. But since Jonny moved away he hasn't done it, till today. I will say in Harrison's defence that he woke up at 5 ish this morning, so was probably over tired. The teacher asked me how to distract him from the screaming, so I suggested singing, as he loves to sing, it often works at home when we are trying to avoid undesirable behavior.

His class Friday class now has a girl! His Tuesday class is still all boys, all 10 of them!
His classmate Kent turned 2 today, they had a little party, and Harrison got a party bag and treats, so cute!

My fridge is getting rather full, so I am out this weekend looking for ways to display his artwork before its filed away, or mailed away to you folks :)
See my fridge!

He is quietly napping now, I love Fridays.

Harrison vs the goats

This is a Little video Matt made on his new iPhone when we went to Young's dairy farm.
Those goats were super friendly!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

All done with Surgery.

Allister's surgery is over, and it all went without a hitch!
He did great going without food and water right up until about 10:30am, then he just had enough! He was tired, it was nap time, and he screamed, for almost an hour :(
All I wanted to do was feed him to make him happy, but I couldn't.
Then he fell asleep and woke up all happy again!
Here are some photos of us in our pre-op room.

And a video of us trying to keep Allister (or is that ourselves?) happy.

We arrived at the Children's Hospital at around 9:30am, and after registration and tagging went to the room above. We met with the Plastic Surgeon, 3 nurses, and the anesthesiologist. They were all lovely, helpful and informative. They all really put our mind at rest about the procedure. At about 10:30am Allister started to get tired and hungry, I woke him up at 4:30am to feed him, and he didn't have anything after that, so its not surprising at all.
He started crying, and carried on for almost an hour, he finally fell asleep on my shoulder bless him.
After his little cat nap he awoke happy as a lamb again!
We chose a strawberry flavored mask for him to be put to sleep, he loved to chew on it :)
We walked him down the hall and handed him to two lovely nurses who whisked him away to be put to sleep. It was no where near as bad as I had in my mind, mostly because he was happy and laughing with the two nurses.
We went to the adjoining waiting room, and were given a tracking number! Hospitals have come a long way baby!
We could see on the screen if Allister was in pre-op, when he was in having his surgery and then when he was in recovery without anyone having to come find us. It helped calm our nerves tremendously!
A slice of pizza and coke later and the surgeon appeared to tell us all went well, and the nurse would come get us when Allister was a little more awake.
We went to another post-op room, and waited for him, he came in cranky, pale and sounding funny :(
His eye, though, looked great! We were kind of expecting lots of bruising and a big old patch but there was just a little take, and a little swelling.
I was allowed to nurse him straight away, and after a brief after care instruction we whisked him home, still in his hospital gown!
He was fast asleep so we didn't want to get him changed. And those baby hospital gowns are super soft and comfy!
So here he is after surgery....

Such a sweet baby boy :)

When we got home Grammy had made us a scummy dinner! Yummy!
Thanks Grammy:)
Allister wouldn't let me put him down, he pretty much laid on my lap and nursed the rest of the day, and then went to bed at 6pm.
Closely followed by myself at 8:30!
He only woke up around midnight to eat, then was up at 5:30am happy and cheerful and almost back to himself. He has a little more bruising today, but it doesn't show in the photos due to the flash.

Here is Allister this morning happy and giggling away as usual.
He's such a brave, happy baby.

We have a follow up appointment in 2 (or 3 or 4 depending who you ask!) weeks, and that should be us done!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Surgery Update.

Allister's surgery is tomorrow at Columbus Children's Hospital. We arrive at the hospital around 9:30am and he is scheduled for 11:40am. they expect him to be in surgery around 20-30 minutes, plus preparation time. He will then go to recovery for an hour or so.
They will try and do his anesthesia via a mask, apparently they scent it so it smells yummy! Then they can do his IV etc while he is asleep. I can breastfeed him at 5am then nothing but water or pedialite till 9am. I can also nurse him as soon as he is out of recovery, I'm so glad I breast feed, otherwise he would be so uncomfortable!
We will update via Facebook as it reaches out to everyone at once, so as soon as we have him out of recovery check my updates! don't assume any updates until at least 2pm I guess.
Prayers and good wishes for our little man please.

Allister Cutie.

Allister is sitting really well now!

Monday, September 20, 2010

A visit to GreatGrandMimi.

While in Cincinnati this weekend we went to see how Mimi was doing, she had such fun seeing the boys.
Here are some cute photos from our visit, I was lucky to get Allister back!

A Day Out with Thomas.

We too Harrison to meet one of his idols this last weekend.
Thomas the Tank Engine!
Here he is looking in amazement...

Sir Topham Hat.

On the train!

Tickets Please!

It was a fun beautiful day!

Friday, September 17, 2010

Another awesome Moms Day Out!

Today was Harrison's 3rd Moms Day Out.
He had been talking about School all day the last two days, and all morning! He was so excited to go!
He ran through the outside doors, all excited, and as soon as we got to his classroom he hung on to me and cried :( Bless him.
I told him he would go have fun and play, and paint and have music, and after about 20 seconds he said "Yeah". And off he went, happy as a lamb :)
So, I don't think it will be long before he is settled right in!
He had 2 potty accidents today, and 1 success, his teacher said he was just too busy having fun.
Here is his artwork for today.

I think this must be an Angel.If you hold it upside down it looks like a frog!

He learned the letter A today, on the way home I asked him what word began with A. He told me "Airplane book!"
I guess they read a story about Airplanes.

All week this week was Noah's Ark and his Animals week.

Once again, Harrison talked non stop on the way home from school. Its so cute to hear him tell me all about his day, even if I cant understand it all!His chattering went something like this...

"Harrison go school"
"Mummy come back, Mummy bye bye."
"Airplane book, paints, school."

Its like he was making sense of all that happened, and realized that yes, when Mummy goes bye bye, she comes back!

Its so good for us all, Harrison has a ton of fun, I get to run errands and clean and hang out with Allister, and Allister gets some one on one time.
What could be better!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

First Tooth!

Allister is getting his first tooth!
He woke up screaming the last 2 nights around 1am, so I just knew something was up! He never cries, if he wakes up in the night he normally just coos and makes noises.
He was also off his food a little yesterday, so I take a look and sure enough, there is the bottom tooth just poking through!
Poor little Allister has been in a lot of pain today, crying and fussing, which is so so unlike him.
But that's OK, only another 2 years or so of teething and were done right!

You can just see the first one popping in on the left of the photo, I'm sure the right one is on its way! Lets hope he gives up biting me now.

Youngs Dairy Farm.

We met with the Blake gang this last weekend at Youngs Dairy Farm in Yellow Springs.
Harrison and Allister had a blast :)