Friday, September 17, 2010

Another awesome Moms Day Out!

Today was Harrison's 3rd Moms Day Out.
He had been talking about School all day the last two days, and all morning! He was so excited to go!
He ran through the outside doors, all excited, and as soon as we got to his classroom he hung on to me and cried :( Bless him.
I told him he would go have fun and play, and paint and have music, and after about 20 seconds he said "Yeah". And off he went, happy as a lamb :)
So, I don't think it will be long before he is settled right in!
He had 2 potty accidents today, and 1 success, his teacher said he was just too busy having fun.
Here is his artwork for today.

I think this must be an Angel.If you hold it upside down it looks like a frog!

He learned the letter A today, on the way home I asked him what word began with A. He told me "Airplane book!"
I guess they read a story about Airplanes.

All week this week was Noah's Ark and his Animals week.

Once again, Harrison talked non stop on the way home from school. Its so cute to hear him tell me all about his day, even if I cant understand it all!His chattering went something like this...

"Harrison go school"
"Mummy come back, Mummy bye bye."
"Airplane book, paints, school."

Its like he was making sense of all that happened, and realized that yes, when Mummy goes bye bye, she comes back!

Its so good for us all, Harrison has a ton of fun, I get to run errands and clean and hang out with Allister, and Allister gets some one on one time.
What could be better!

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