Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Such a boy!

Harrison had yet another time out at school today!
I hope he starts learning his boundaries soon, he had to stay with Miss Patti at the office today because he wouldn't stop throwing toys.
I hope he gets this phase over with quickly for his teachers sake!
He did some cute art work yesterday....

This is paint and shaving foam.

And froggies :)

Harrison has finally figured out how to count, I don't mean he CAN count, I mean he knows a number represents an item.
Before counting was random, he would count to the teens and then all the numbers would sound the same. He would point to say, 5 items, and just randomly count to any old number.
Now he will point to an individual item and count it, with a single number. He counted my fingers and got to 5 (he also got to six once, be he tapped a finger twice !)
Its a big step in learning don't you think?

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