Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Tears on day two.

Harrison cried when I dropped him at Moms day Out for his second day today. It was sad to leave him, but I made a quick exit, I think lingering would just make it worse for everyone involved. There were lots of tears from many of the kids today, I think the second day is worse for most kids.
I knew he would settle down pretty quick, and he sure did!
His teachers said he was only sad for about 2 minutes, and he had a super fun time, he learned about Noah and the Ark today, and he went no:2 on the potty! They were very impressed and he got a certificate and some stickers.
When I picked him up he was talking about apples, and very excited! He had little apple stickers on his shirt, so I guess that's why :)

On the way home all he could say was "More school!!! I guess that means its a success.
Here are his art projects from today.

I love that he is learning all the Bible stories, it reminds me of my childhood.
While Harrison was busy having fun, I was busy cleaning, and hanging out with Allister.
The house was so so quiet with him gone, we missed him, but it was also nice to just be the two of us.
Both boys are now napping!
Its oh so quiet :)

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