Friday, September 3, 2010

Allister Update.

Yesterday we met with a Pediatric Plastic Surgeon regarding Allister's cyst.
He confirmed its a congenital Dermoid Cyst.
Meaning it was something that has been there since birth, and is only now noticeable. He suggested surgery to remove it sooner rather than later. I was wanting to wait until Allister was a little older, but he gave some real benefits to not postponing the surgery.

1- The scaring will be worse the older Allister is, due in part to the size of the cyst and in part to the rapid healing of baby skin.

2- Once Allister is mobile, it will be harder for him to not damage or knock the wound as it heals.

3- A dermoid Cyst tends to start in the bone at birth causing a tiny divot or dip, in Allister's case this would be in his eye brow bone. As the cyst grows so will the divot. At Allister's present age the bone will likely heal completely and Allister will be left with no bone damage, the older he is the more damage and less healing will occur.

We schedule his surgery for September 22nd. It will be early in the morning. The surgery will likely last 20/30 minutes and be done as an outpatient procedure. Therefore he will be able to come home about an hour or two after surgery. The incision will be made in his eye lid crease if the cyst is mobile enough to be pushed down, this will cause virtually no scarring. Alliteratively, if the cysts is not mobile, the incision will be made in his eyebrow line.

I'm not at all worried about the surgery, just the thought of the anesthesia and not being able to hold him. Also, he wont be able to eat or nurse at all prior to the surgery, I'm sure we will have a screaming hungry baby on our hands that morning, which will make it all the harder to have him wheeled away!

We wont know what time his surgery is until they call the afternoon before, so I will keep you posted! Prayers and good wishes for the little guy please.

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