Thursday, September 9, 2010

Aaaaaaaaah that's better :O)

We have a new car!!!!!!!!!
I am so excited, and I LOOVE it!
For those who don't know, this is what out other car is.......

We love it too, but theres not much room for two boys and two BIG car seats back there! Thats without climbing in the back and trying to fasten everyone in, and then theres fitting in the double stroller, and groceries, and then when I was pregnant climbing in and out.....
Anyhow, trouble no more! This is our new lovely.....

1,2,3,4, yup it has 4 doors and a huge boot! (Trunk)
I can fit the stroller in the back AND groceries, and it has a huge moon roof, satnav, leather, oooh its just gorgeous.


Its like new (apart from some wear on the arm rest)
And its so so nice to drive, and my back is feeling better already!
Thank you Husband for my shiny new (to us) car!
Now we don't have to fight every morning over who gets to drive the Acura to work, because, believe it or not, getting the kids in and out of the back of a two door is better than driving the old banger that was our other car :)

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