Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Surgery Update.

Allister's surgery is tomorrow at Columbus Children's Hospital. We arrive at the hospital around 9:30am and he is scheduled for 11:40am. they expect him to be in surgery around 20-30 minutes, plus preparation time. He will then go to recovery for an hour or so.
They will try and do his anesthesia via a mask, apparently they scent it so it smells yummy! Then they can do his IV etc while he is asleep. I can breastfeed him at 5am then nothing but water or pedialite till 9am. I can also nurse him as soon as he is out of recovery, I'm so glad I breast feed, otherwise he would be so uncomfortable!
We will update via Facebook as it reaches out to everyone at once, so as soon as we have him out of recovery check my updates! don't assume any updates until at least 2pm I guess.
Prayers and good wishes for our little man please.

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