Thursday, September 9, 2010

6 Whole Months Today!

Allister is 6 months old today, can you believe a whole half year has passed already!?
Its crazy, where did my new baby go, he'll be mobile before we know it :)

We have Allister's 6 month well check tomorrow, so I will let you know his stats then, but he is close to 22lb I know, so we have taken him out of his infant car-seat already, and as he isn't completely sitting up yet its been hard taking him places as he cant sit in the trolley (cart) very well, and he is very heavy for the baby Bjorn!

He is eating very well now, loves his food!
He will scoot around the floor allot, and has just figured out how to crawl backwards, we know whats next!
He can get his knees right up under himself now, so I know crawling is not too far off.
He talks non stop, and smiles all day long.
His hair is getting crazy long, and just like Harrison at this age, its looks very red. I'm not sure he will be red though, i'm still betting on brown.
He has kept his big blue eyes, and has the chunkiest, cutest, edible thighs :)
He's still sleeping through the night, and shows lots of teething signs but none have come trhough yet, although he loves to bite while nursing so I am very happy about that!
He grabs at everything he sees and loves Guinness right now!

Here is some cute new photos I took, Enjoy!

Skydiving :)

Allister is on his special quilt from Grammy and Pooh-bah.
Isn't it lovely, thanks Grammy and Pooh-Bah!

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