Friday, September 24, 2010

"Harrison sit in time out!"

This phrase is getting rather familiar after Harrison attends his MDO program!
5 days into MDO and 4 timeouts lol.
He isn't being naughty exactly, but is testing his boundaries with his teachers a lot, other than the one pushing incident he has been leaving the lunch table and wondering around with his food, so he sits in timeout! At home we strap Harrison into a booster seat, so he hasn't yet learned to sit in his seat till lunch is finished. I'm sure he will learn soon enough!
We also had a screaming incident today, something Harrison hasn't done in a while. He was wondering around the classroom screaming at the top of his lungs, surely for attention. Its kind of funny when you think about it, he used to do this allot with his buddy Jonny, they would take turns to scream, and after a while it would get so annoying. But since Jonny moved away he hasn't done it, till today. I will say in Harrison's defence that he woke up at 5 ish this morning, so was probably over tired. The teacher asked me how to distract him from the screaming, so I suggested singing, as he loves to sing, it often works at home when we are trying to avoid undesirable behavior.

His class Friday class now has a girl! His Tuesday class is still all boys, all 10 of them!
His classmate Kent turned 2 today, they had a little party, and Harrison got a party bag and treats, so cute!

My fridge is getting rather full, so I am out this weekend looking for ways to display his artwork before its filed away, or mailed away to you folks :)
See my fridge!

He is quietly napping now, I love Fridays.

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