Thursday, September 23, 2010

All done with Surgery.

Allister's surgery is over, and it all went without a hitch!
He did great going without food and water right up until about 10:30am, then he just had enough! He was tired, it was nap time, and he screamed, for almost an hour :(
All I wanted to do was feed him to make him happy, but I couldn't.
Then he fell asleep and woke up all happy again!
Here are some photos of us in our pre-op room.

And a video of us trying to keep Allister (or is that ourselves?) happy.

We arrived at the Children's Hospital at around 9:30am, and after registration and tagging went to the room above. We met with the Plastic Surgeon, 3 nurses, and the anesthesiologist. They were all lovely, helpful and informative. They all really put our mind at rest about the procedure. At about 10:30am Allister started to get tired and hungry, I woke him up at 4:30am to feed him, and he didn't have anything after that, so its not surprising at all.
He started crying, and carried on for almost an hour, he finally fell asleep on my shoulder bless him.
After his little cat nap he awoke happy as a lamb again!
We chose a strawberry flavored mask for him to be put to sleep, he loved to chew on it :)
We walked him down the hall and handed him to two lovely nurses who whisked him away to be put to sleep. It was no where near as bad as I had in my mind, mostly because he was happy and laughing with the two nurses.
We went to the adjoining waiting room, and were given a tracking number! Hospitals have come a long way baby!
We could see on the screen if Allister was in pre-op, when he was in having his surgery and then when he was in recovery without anyone having to come find us. It helped calm our nerves tremendously!
A slice of pizza and coke later and the surgeon appeared to tell us all went well, and the nurse would come get us when Allister was a little more awake.
We went to another post-op room, and waited for him, he came in cranky, pale and sounding funny :(
His eye, though, looked great! We were kind of expecting lots of bruising and a big old patch but there was just a little take, and a little swelling.
I was allowed to nurse him straight away, and after a brief after care instruction we whisked him home, still in his hospital gown!
He was fast asleep so we didn't want to get him changed. And those baby hospital gowns are super soft and comfy!
So here he is after surgery....

Such a sweet baby boy :)

When we got home Grammy had made us a scummy dinner! Yummy!
Thanks Grammy:)
Allister wouldn't let me put him down, he pretty much laid on my lap and nursed the rest of the day, and then went to bed at 6pm.
Closely followed by myself at 8:30!
He only woke up around midnight to eat, then was up at 5:30am happy and cheerful and almost back to himself. He has a little more bruising today, but it doesn't show in the photos due to the flash.

Here is Allister this morning happy and giggling away as usual.
He's such a brave, happy baby.

We have a follow up appointment in 2 (or 3 or 4 depending who you ask!) weeks, and that should be us done!

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