Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Walk run.

This past weekend was a fun one! Getting up early (super early!) both days made for lots of time to go hang out.

On Saturday Harrison took part in his first sponsored walk for The American Heart Association. He raised some money for a great cause, and we walked as a family with 100's of others, helping to raise over $800,000. He was very proud of his effort, thank you to those who sponsored him and us, we may make this a yearly family event. It's a good life lesson to help others like this. If you'd still like to help a great cause sponsorship money is still be collected, click here to donate.

I only managed to get one photo, and its not that great! I forgot my camera in the rush to get us all out the door so early. Here is Daddy and Matt at the Columbus Clippers Baseball team stadium, the walk finished inside and Harrison was so excited to see it!

We then went to Gahana and had a wonderful lunch and afternoon walking around, I so wish I brought my camera! Gahana was beautiful!

Sunday we were all up super early again and out the door to watch Matt race the Spirit of Columbus half marathon.

Here are the boys waiting for Daddy to come in.

Here is Matt running towards us.

Harrison running around after the race. Daddy Matt did awesome, and came 19th overall. He finished in 1hr17 I think. He shaved 6 WHOLE MINUTES off last years race time!

This is Harrison last year running around in the same way with Matt's medal.

Having a nice river walk after the race. See Allister sucking on his arm? This is a new thing, he is an "Arm Sucker". Not a thumb, or Binky, or finger sucker, but an arm sucker! He gives himself the best hickeys you've ever seen! Whatever works eh :)

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