Saturday, June 19, 2010

Its all for them.

I sometimes wonder if people don't get the point of this Blog.
I wonder if people think "Why on earth is she blogging about such mundane stuff" Or "Not another blog from the Blake Family!" or "I don't need to know that, TMI!" or even "Oh I can't believe she parents like that!".
(And probably "Not ANOTHER spelling or grammar mistake!" - You all know I can't spell.)

It's because this blog is not for your benefit, it's for the boys. And for me. It's just a bonus if you too get enjoyment from this, and that you are able to share in the boys and our lives so often!
In years to come we can all look back and remember the finer details, the fun times, the tough times, the silly times. They come and go so quick, any parent knows that!

Even now I look back at the beginning of this blog , almost 2 years ago already, and smile and laugh and miss those times. I think how wonderful it would be if there was a blog about my childhood, the stuff before I can remember, and the stuff that I think I remember.

So if you sometimes wonder if I am over-sharing, or writing about stuff that doesn't interest you, or you don't have time to read, then that's fine! Don't read it, sometimes read it, read the bits you want and not the bits you don't want, read all of it twice over! It's all fine by me! I just hope that you don't judge our family, and that you can just treasure the fact that my family is able to share so much joy with you and your family, and that if you want to live our life with us, then it's all here for your pleasure!
Enjoy :)
(I hope!)


Jules said...

well I enjoy receiving and reading it, I get to see what I am missing being so far away...sometimes I may not remember I have read it cos I have had a migraine brain cells are being destroyed...or maybe it is old age creeping up on me!!!

Anonymous said...
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regaldresser said...

Claire I love reading all about you Matt and my beautiful grandsons! I keep all your blogs in Claire's Wedding lol, I have everything you write and send to me, even Julies Charity's and I think I have one letter from my beautiful son, I so wish we had had this when you were all growing up, also digital cameras and videos, I properly would sit reminiscing everyday LOL. Just keep the blogs coming the little videos and all the wonderful pictures I love it all. You will be so glad you did this for them when your older and I know the boys will. Hugs Mum xxx