Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Cold Turkey.

Harrison has still been using his Binky (Dummy) for night time and nap time.
He doesn't really need it, it's habit. I just haven't taken it off him yet.

I told myself I would take it at 2, and tomorrow that day happens!
Coincidentally, I was just putting Harrison down for his nap and he chewed a hole in one of his Binky's. I pulled out the spares and noticed he had chewed them all!
So I told him he broke it and took it off him.
Cold Turkey.
He whined for a while, and is now playing quietly in his room, lets see if he naps!

Update. June 17th.
I gave in and gave him another Binky,m but he still didn't nap!
I found one that he hasn't chewed yet, but its days are numbered!
Maybe I'll take it off him today?

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