Tuesday, June 29, 2010

And now it all makes sense....

The terrible two's can be oh so very terrible!

Harrison been very hard work the last couple of weeks. Super hyper behavior.
He trashed his room again, climbing on top of his dresser, removing all the things from his shelf. This is a photo of how it looked when we did his room, and recently he had 2 Paddington Bears on top of the box's.
Well, they're no longer there, he cleared the whole shelf, the box's too, and undressed both Paddington's, also removing their tags.

And this picture of Harrison's name is no longer on the wall.
the bed rail is no longer on the bed, he would just swing on it and so the mattress would end up on the floor.

Matt and I were beginning to wonder if this boy would ever calm down again!

And then, yesterday Harrison missed his nap, he also woke up crying a few times last night. Something he hasn't done in ages!
And that's when it twigged....I had an Ah-Ha moment as Oprah would say.
Yup, low and behold he is cutting his bottom right molar.
Whenever Harrison is teething he turns into a tornado!
He puts the phrase "Terrible Twos" to shame.
So, he has had some ibuprofen today, and a trip to the park to get out some energy. I'm hoping the last 2 molars come quick!
I cant wait to get my happy baby back :)

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