Thursday, June 10, 2010

Random stuff.

I had to wait in all day for 2 reasons.

1-The guy came this morning to fit our invisible Guinness fence
2-I'm now waiting on the guys to fit our new back door.

And now I'm bored so I thought I would share some random thoughts and happenings.


Firstly, Matt, Harrison, Guinness and I got stuck in our bedroom the other day! It was so funny, but almost scary. The baby was safe and asleep in his crib, thank goodness!
Harrison was being his usual boisterous self, so either Matt or him closed our door. We don't normally close it fully, we just leave it ajar as its stiff. Well its stiffer than we thought!
When we were all dressed and ready I went to open it, and it wouldn't budge, I tried the lock, yup it wasn't locked! It was stuck!
Matt couldn't budge it either as it opens in. I guess it was swollen from the heat and it just wouldn't budge! We tried a credit card and lots of power but nope. At this point I was starting to panic, what if we cant get hold of anyone, we'll have to call the police!
Thankfully we both had our iPhone's with us, I called the only neighbors number I had, on the third attempt she answered, and came to our rescue!
Now, in the great scheme of things this isn't that dramatic an event, but all that keeps going through my head is the "what ifs?"
What if I was on my own in the bedroom, and I didn't have my phone, and the babies where in another room, and Matt wasn't home, and I couldn't get hold of anyone from shouting out the window, and we didn't have a garage door code for someone to get in and and and.... phew, see?
I have visions of me doing a scene from Mission Impossible and climbing out of our bedroom window and scaling down the side of the garage!
Anyhow, I will be avoiding closing our bedroom door and getting a plane (plain?) to that door!


A conversation with Harrison the other day:

I sneeze-
Harrison "Bless you mummy."
Me "Thank you Harrison."
Harrison "Your welcome Mummy."

He has such manners!


The other day Harrison and I were in the car and I had the radio on, some random song was on, with a very repetitive chorus. I don't remember the words, but for the first time Harrison started singing along! It was so cute, and very very funny! If I catch him at it again Ill try and record it!


Harrison is now making up his complete own sentences, and has started to use the words "me" and "I" when referring to himself.
He also comes up to me a million times a day and says "Hi Mummy".
I answer "Hi Harrison!"
It goes back and forth till one of us gets bored.
Guess who gets bored first!

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