Tuesday, January 10, 2012

NYC in photos.

There a lot of photos! 

I mean a LOT! This pretty much took me 2 days to load all these in between my normal routine. I hope you enjoy them :)

We landed! 

For our 5 year anniversary Matt treated us  to a trip to NYC. I'd never been and it's been in my bucket list, I was so SO excited to go!

I was sad to leave the boys for so long, but I knew they were in good hands.  

The hardest part for me was flying, I hated flying without them. 

Here we are at LaGuardia. Yellow cabs great us. 

This is out a hotel. I think it's safe to say its probably the nicest hotel ive ever stayed in. It's up there with the Ritz in London. And that's saying a lot! 

The Palace was just beautiful. 


Our room. Large for a city!

Our fabulous view of St Patricks Cathedral. 



All dolled up for our anniversary dinner. 

We went to a wonderful Italian Restaraunt. I had the best lasagne ever! 

The breakfast at the hotel was a perfect start to each day! They had the Best English sausages. 

Yes I took a photo. 

We enjoyed a night out at The Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre. 

Improv at its finest. 


Down town and wall street. 



One of the most memorable moments  of our trip was the 9/11 memorial and survivor memorial center. 

It's a very emotional visit, but I urge anyone going to NYC to take some timeout to see it. 
















The sweet note and chocolates from our hotel. 



Guess the name of the famous toy store?

I think the keyboard is a giveaway. It's only $250,000 if you'd like one. 



The Apple store!

There really is a hot dog stand on every corner! 


My favorite place. Central Park. 





We discovered a great English style curry house in NYC! Called Brick Lane. Of course ;)

Yummy Chicken Tikka Masala. 

We Ate there Twice, once there and once we had take out back in our room. With cupcakes to finish!



New York Pizza. 

New York Hot Dog!

We visited many museums. See if you know your art? 



This below is a piece of modern art. It's mints. This room smelled so yummy! 


Rockefella Plaza. 




Times Square. This was much more impressive than I thought it would be! It's hard to grasp the scale in a photo. It was the only thing that made me gasp "wow!" 



Another highlight, the Circle Line Cruise. 

Can't beat a skyline and The Statue Of Liberty can you!








More museum! 


This is Henry IIIV armour. See ow much bigger it is than anning else you see! 






So there you are!

 We had an absolutely fantastic time. We caught up on sleep, ate way too much, drank a little  and just had an amazing time! Thanks Grammy and Pooh-bah for allowing it to happen. 

And thanks Daddy Matt for a wonderful surprise. 

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Jenni said...

Oh my gosh- that looked AMAZING!! I have never been to New York, and so I was really loving seeing all of these photos!

So I have been watching that show "Gossip Girl" and one of the characters lives at The Palace. You stayed there? Haha! I totally recognized it from the show! Awesome!

You looked SOOOO hot in your green dress too! Woohoo!

Looks like an amazing time - especially sans kids! :)