Saturday, December 26, 2009


We had a much smaller Christmas gathering this year than last! There were 8 of us. Me, Daddy, Harrison, Greg, Grammy, Pooh-Bah, Uncle Tom and Aunt Barb.

I baked another Christmas cake, its very boozy :)

We all managed to fit round one table, last year we needed 3!

We had a very traditional English Christmas dinner, Roast Turkey, stuffing, roast potatoes (they were so yummy!) sprouts with roast chestnuts, sausages wrapped in bacon, and crackers!

Christmas isn't Christmas to me without a turkey dinner. We ate left overs for 3 days :O)

Ours wasn't as moist as the Franksgiving Turkey~that girl as special powers!

This year Harrison was able to open all his gifts without much help at all. We opened some gifts Christmas eve, some Christmas morning and some later that day. He was overwhelmed as it was! It was such a joy with him this Christmas, he was so much fun and loved all his gifts!

We had such a busy Christmas day I didn't take many photos! And I don't think I have one of me anywhere.........I should put someone in charge of the camera next year!
I do have some video though, I will share it soon.

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