Tuesday, September 4, 2012

First day at Pre-K.

Today was Harrison's first day at Pre-K.
He was so excited he got dressed without a fight and even brushed his teeth.
That's big for a 4 year old, believe me.
Here he is all set for his day!
Being goofy.
All smiles on the road!
Smiles turn to frowns as Harrison's get out the car :(
At Pre-K drop off the teachers come to the car so all the parents don't have to park and take each child in.
This was a big change for little Allister and he was all worried about his big brother wondering off to a strange place with a new teacher.
It almost sent Harrison into tears, but I told him to be brave, and he asked "why?".
I told him Because your going to have a fun day, and he smiled right away and all was forgotten!
We kissed goodbye and off he went!
Here he is with his 2 teachers helpers and out friend and his classmate Isra, he's holding hands with Carter I believe.

After school he jumped in the car. The teacher said he had a good Day, but for once Harrison wasn't particularly chatty!

Weird I know.

He told me everything he did today was a secret. His new favorite word. Along with stupid.

Yeah I know.

Anyhow, at bedtime we snuggled after stories, as usual, and this is what I managed to get out of his day.

He played outside after it stopped raining, and then it rained again.

He had a story about a frog and a crocodile and the frog hopped away.

He only had 2 more minutes left to eat his snack, so didn't get to eat all his goldfish. He did however eat his carrots and tangerine.

They sang a goodbye song. To each child by name.

He explained about the Green light, Yellow light, Red light reward system. Red makes the teacher sad.

He didn't get to stay for lunch, and wondered why the other kids did. (I explained that those kids had some special needs and needed some extra lessons to help them.)

He didn't get to play on the computer today.

So that pretty much summed up his day! We're off to a curriculum night on Thursday so watch this space.

All In all I think we've all had a great first day :)

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