Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Harrison's song.

Harrison has officially written his first song.
I'm not sure it will be a No:1 hit, but we like it!

We have been watching the film Madagascar, its about NY zoo animals who return to Africa. They like to dance. At the end of the film they sing "I like to move it move it" which Harrison and I sing and dance to. Its an old 90's track, I remember dancing to it on nights out ;)

Heres a video from YouTube so you know what I mean.....

So anyway, Harrison and I were singing I like to Move it, and Harrison made up his own lyrics....
wait for it, they're pretty good.

"I like to mummy mummy, I like to mummy mummy, I like to mummy mummy,
I like to MUMMY!"

Great eh?

1 comment:

Jason Reibold said...

I still do that to songs... Go go Jason waterfalls!