Monday, November 29, 2010

The things they say.....

I was taking Harrison potty yesterday when the following conversation happened.

Harrison "Stinky poopers on face!"
Me "no, there's no poopers on your face!"
Harrison "Yes, stinky poopers on face mummy!"
I wipe his face with a wet wipe.
"There is that better?"
Harrison "N0, on mummy's face!"
Me "Oh, no there's no poopers on mummy's face."
Harrison "I wipe it."
Me "OK"
I hand him a wipe......
Harrison proceeds to wipe all the little moles on my face, each one individually!
I laugh, so cute.
"That's not poopers honey, its freckles."
Harrison "No, its cookies on mummy's face!"

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