Monday, November 29, 2010

Sleep- Or lack of.

The boys have been waking up super early of late. Harrison, until yesterday, was getting up at 5am, or even earlier!
All the boys have had colds for a few weeks now, and Harrison has had a bad cough, which is only just improving. I think thats why he's not been sleeping great. So with Allister teething and waking up around 3am, or like last night, 1am, 2am, 3am, 5am I am pretty tired!
At least Harrison seems to be back to normal and getting up around 6:30 or later again, I am thankful for that! Once Allister's top teeth come through (they are RIGHT there!) I am hoping to get some sleep again, I am not a very good tired person. I have zero patience, and am a complete grumpy bum.
You really do forget how little sleep you get that first year. I don't mind the early wake-up call if only I can get some rest during the night! When Harrison was teething I could catch up later in the day, so if he was up all night I would nap when he had his morning nap. But with Harrison around its impossible, and I have (or feel like I have) so much to do I resist napping in the afternoon, its the only time I have a kidless hour or so. Add to that the fact that Matt is working all hours, we are all pretty tired in this house right now!
At least theres an end in sight.......Matts work shcdeule will calm down after the middle of next week, and those teeth better be here soon or I will go crazy!

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